Why choose ipoque as OEM partner for advanced deep packet inspection

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Advanced DPI as OEM solution. The value of licensing DPI software.

When your solution needs deep packet inspection (DPI) application awareness as a key enabling feature you need to decide whether to build DPI in-house or to license the software from a DPI specialist. Whether it’s for software-defined networks to enable policy control and critical traffic steering or to protect corporate networks, IoT devices and cloud platforms from malicious attacks, it’s crucial to choose the right DPI solution.

Accelerate your time to market leveraging our DPI expertise. We help you to transform your business, ensuring that your breakthrough ideas get to market quickly without compromising your high expectations.

The communication industry trusts our OEM solutions. Our customers include network equipment and software vendors such as Barracuda Networks that enhance their network analytics, bandwidth management and network security solutions with our OEM DPI engine. Our in-house developed advanced DPI software R&S®PACE provides advanced protocol/application classification and content/metadata extraction to monitor network traffic effectively.

Why choose ipoque as an OEM partner?

We provide an OEM DPI for physical, virtual and cloud environments, which is easy to integrate and simple to manage. Our OEM DPI software comes with flexible licensing and committed support.

  • Rely on decades of experience in advanced DPI and precision made in Germany
  • Get support wherever you need it with our service network in more than 70 countries
  • Benefit from our focus on R&D with over 130 in-house developers in three subsidiaries in Germany
  • Focus on your core competencies by licensing leading-edge OEM software
  • Innovate and differentiate your product offering with our help
  • Speed up time to market by optimizing the development schedule

Accelerate time to market and increase revenue

Sourcing DPI software from an OEM solution provider gives immediate access to an up-to-date library with over thousands of applications and protocols, out of the box. This enables you to meet aggressive product cycles whilst your software developers can maintain the required focus upon your core technology and not be distracted by the labor-intensive practice of building an in-house DPI. DPI OEM adds capacity, experience and developing talent to your teams so you can innovate faster and accelerate time to revenue.
Whereas a commercial DPI can be integrated into your solution within a few weeks, building your own, basic DPI requires can take up to 1 man-year of development time. Furthermore, licensed DPI software is easy and fast to integrate and comes with on-site integration assistance.

Reduce development costs by outsourcing DPI

When building your own in-house DPI, development costs are comparable to the ones of a commercial DPI. But when you license an advanced DPI from your OEM partner of choice, running costs tend to be much lower. This is due to the high costs of DPI maintenance when you build your own DPI. DPI signature maintenance needs the permanent attention of at least three to five people. It is also worth considering that it will eat away at your R&D resources needed for DPI development and other business opportunities. You may consider open source DPI with the idea that it’s free to use. However, open source software does not end up being “free” because it still requires in-house developers to learn about the software and, more importantly, to customize it. In-house expertise and resources are needed to manage open source software and develop new protocol or application classifications.

Outsource complexity

A DPI engine is only as good as its creators design it to be. If you want to build a DPI engine, several factors come into play. Besides the pure classification coverage, other must-have criteria for a DPI engine are high performance, reliability and accuracy. As most of the Internet traffic is now encrypted, a reliable DPI software engine needs a toolkit of advanced techniques to classify traffic. Furthermore, DPI software needs to be constantly updated, as new applications appear all the time. Signature updates should be provided on a timely and frequent basis to ensure a high level of accurate application identification. This is crucial for security and network management vendors who need to make accurate decisions on reliably classified traffic. Another key factor is the access to professional expertise. Only when using in-house DPI or a commercial DPI you are able to meet tight the SLAs required by your enterprise customers.