DPI-powered application awareness for vEPC & 5GC

Bring your vEPC/ 5GC solution to the next level with high-performance DPI by ipoque

Maximize competitive service differentiation with DPI-powered application awareness in your vEPC/5G core (5GC) solution

Communication service providers (CSPs) face growing traffic and bandwidth demands as well as pressure to improve the QoE of their mobile applications and services. That is why they greatly appreciate the benefits of virtual evolved packet core (vEPC) solutions. These vEPC solutions will also play a crucial role in every upcoming 5G network architecture.

Deep packet inspection (DPI) providing real-time visibility into the 5G network traffic – through to applications and protocols – is vital for allowing vEPC solutions to fully exploit competitive service differentiation, and to transform markets focused on network agility, intelligence, and automation. Identifying an application, its service, or its application family using sophisticated DPI software allows vEPC vendors to implement an abundance of value-adding services, such as enhanced analytics, policy enforcement, tiered pricing, web and video optimization, content filtering, parental control and further advanced security services.

Enable application-based services and intelligent routing for increased customer satisfaction with next-gen DPI software

Deep packet inspection is a key technology within virtual evolved packet core solutions, thus forming the central part in equipping a vEPC architecture with real-time visibility – even on application and protocol levels. Additionally, it provides functions like traffic management and sophisticated network security functions for your telco setup.

By integrating future-proof deep packet inspection software, such as R&S®PACE 2, vEPC vendors can reduce hardware costs, network complexity, and performance issues typically associated with legacy probe solutions. Our industry-leading DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 delivers full network traffic visibility. It reliably and accurately identifies and classifies thousands of applications and network protocols and extracts valuable metadata, all in real time. These highly complex operations are facilitated by detection techniques like signature matching, behavioral and statistical analysis, as well as machine learning.

Keep abreast of dynamic changes in protocols and applications and ensure the highest detection rate with accurate DPI-based classifications and weekly signature updates. Rely on our easy-to-integrate DPI engine to deliver powerful intelligent routing, traffic steering, and enterprise application performance with advanced reporting capabilities. Provide operators with the network insights they need to optimize and monetize network services and increase customer satisfaction.

A DPI-enabled vEPC/5GC with application visibility supports:

  • Insights into subscriber traffic, application and service usage, and QoE metrics allowing for dynamic and personalized marketing options to monetize growing mobile data traffic
  • Intelligent routing to prioritize key business traffic, enforce QoS, and boost VoIP & OTT video performance for improved network performance and user experience
  • Policy-driven content filtering per user or user group
  • NFV service chains to easily segment and steer traffic to network slices optimized for the services delivered
  • Traffic selection and steering based on highly granular criteria
  • Enhanced security services such as content categorization, real-time content filtering, and parental control
  • Application-based charging, proxy services, TCP optimization, video optimization and security services

For a full list of DPI-enabled vEPC/5G core functionalities, read our whitepaper “DPI for vEPC vendors – Real-time analytics,
QoE and security”.

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R&S®PACE 2 capabilities for vEPC/ 5GC

  • Real-time network analytics identifies which mobile applications are actively in use and thus helps to classify traffic, for example as low-latency (voice), guaranteed-latency (web traffic), guaranteed delivery (application traffic), and best-effort-delivery applications (file sharing). This enables stable network quality and customer satisfaction.
  • High accuracy of data improves automation and efficiency in network management and enables more predictive application and security policies.
  • DPI metadata extraction is imperative for advanced threat and fraud analytics and a more secure network with enhanced security services.
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Benefits of advanced OEM DPI for virtual evolved packet core & 5G core solutions

  • Create a highly performant vEPC solution with a myriad of customer-centric service and control capabilities
  • Enhance vEPC/5G core security
  • Easily extract metadata, report and manage information in real time
  • Empower CSPs to keep pace with growing traffic demands, to scale their networks, and deliver differentiated services tailored towards specific use cases
  • Facilitate business decisions and increase customer satisfaction
  • Boost performance and save time with configurable reporting and customizable analytics
  • Keep abreast of dynamic changes in protocols, applications and services, ensuring a high detection rate
  • Reduce development costs and improve efficiency and business sustainability

Bring your vEPC / 5GC solution to the next level with OEM deep packet inspection software from ipoque – developed and optimized to reliably meet your needs.

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