Advisory guide: Build or buy DPI

Why you should consider investing in OEM software from a deep packet inspection specialist

Advisory guide: Build or Buy DPI

Summarizing the pros and cons of building or buying deep packet inspection software

Managing and securing modern networks requires insights at the protocol and application layer. Real-time application awareness enabled by advanced deep packet inspection is providing the intelligence that is needed to take your network or cybersecurity solution to the next level. There are many use cases for deep packet inspection: DPI software can be integrated into firewalls, routers, SD-WAN solutions, IoT gateways and many other network devices. Whether it’s for software-defined networks to enable policy control and critical traffic steering or to protect corporate networks, IoT devices and cloud platforms from malicious attacks, it is key to choose the right DPI solution.

But, choosing to build DPI software in-house, to use open-source DPI or to license it from a DPI specialist can be a difficult decision that is challenging many organizations. The answer is not as easy as simply comparing costs because key elements can be overlooked, strategic decisions may be omitted and hidden costs might be missed.

In this advisory guide we are looking at these key factors to help you make a decision, whether to build or buy DPI:

  • Development costs
  • Time to market
  • Technical features
  • Technical support
  • Protocol and signature updates

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