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ipoque provides future-proof products that deliver IP traffic and network visibility, empowering networking solutions to transform raw IP data into meaningful insights. These are crucial for managing network traffic efficiently and ensuring the highest level of security. Our advanced OEM DPI software reliably detects and classifies network protocols and applications, even if they use advanced obfuscation and encryption techniques. Granular classification results in real time are a prerequisite for a multitude of use cases in the telco and cybersecurity domains.

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Deep packet inspection software PACE 2 by ipoque

Advanced DPI engine R&S®PACE 2

The application classification and metadata extraction software R&S®PACE 2 is the best performing advanced deep packet inspection software on the market. When R&S®PACE 2 is embedded in networking and security products it adds real-time network traffic and application visibility up to layer 7. Our advanced deep packet inspection tool classifies thousands of applications and protocols, provides content and metadata extraction and delivers metrics and heuristics from IP traffic, even when faced with advanced obfuscation and encryption techniques. R&S®PACE 2 enhances network monitoring, network analytics and security solutions such as firewalls, routers, SD-WAN solutions, IoT gateways and is a critical enabler for a more secure, reliable and efficient network.

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Telco analytics solution R&S®INTRA

The end-to-end telco analytics solution R&S®INTRA offers real-time IP network traffic monitoring, enabling CSPs to use the wealth of data hidden in modern IP networks and turn it into valuable information. Scalable and customizable in build, R&S®INTRA provides analytics tailored to individual demands. R&S®INTRA excels in modularity and processing speed, helping you to use data in a more agile way and accelerate time to action. It also provides efficient real-time monitoring and analytics for 5G traffic in 5G NSA networks.

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