Deep packet inspection for telco solutions

Introduce leading-edge traffic filtering capabilities for your telco networks with advanced DPI technology from ipoque

IP network visibility: a critical prerequisite for mobile and fixed networks

The evolution of telecom networks towards terabit speeds and microsecond latencies introduces a range of complex networking challenges for operators. The adoption of cloud-native architecture and software-defined networking to enable highly programmable and autonomous networks alongside the implementation of granular access and security control requires highly-reliable real-time intelligence encompassing ground, space, and undersea network domains. With the advent of the Internet of Everything, where connectivity becomes ubiquitous, operator visibility requirements now comprise not only general network-wide metrics, but also fine-grained analyses by application types, users, and end devices. Without adequate insights into traffic flows traversing today’s mobile and fixed networks, operators have limited information on their network performance and efficiencies, leading to suboptimal investment decisions, poor quality of service (QoS), SLA shortfalls, and increased vulnerability to cyberattacks and fraud. This means that traffic visibility and organization are essential for providing successful telecom solutions.

As a telecom solution vendor, you can implement cutting-edge traffic filtering capabilities by leveraging advanced deep packet inspection (DPI) to deliver highly performant and highly secure operator networks. With that approach, you can empower MNOs to manage network traffic through policy-driven filtering and create capacity where it is needed. Packet-level insights within each flow, can help operators to dynamically scale their networks based on application and user needs for increased network agility and responsiveness.

Augment your telco capabilities with DPI-based insights

Our cutting-edge deep packet inspection technology enables you to deliver fine-grained analytics on applications and services as well as subscriber behavior. DPI for telecommunications helps to identify use patterns and high levels of demand with insightful data and filtering techniques. By harnessing the advanced traffic classification techniques of our DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 and R&S®vPACE, you can identify different application sessions, their frequency and duration, alongside user attributes, such as location, network and device type. You can also establish traffic metrics, such as speed, latency, and jitter. DPI-based network traffic insights enable you to help operators intelligently manage their traffic flows and guarantee optimal allocation of bandwidth and networking resources. It also allows you to ascertain quality of service and subscriber experience. R&S®PACE 2 can detect malicious, suspicious, and anomalous traffic in real time, introducing a strong layer of scrutiny across every network slice, node, and end device – providing extra security and protection for all networks.

You can exploit our new vectoring-based R&S®vPACE, which is optimized for CNFs, VNFs and 5G UPFs, to extend deep traffic visibility to computing-intensive, cloud-based deployments. With a lean, software-based implementation, next-gen DPI technology from ipoque benefits any type or size of network.

Paving the way for truly intelligent and agile telecom networks with built-in DPI software

Telecom solution providers can leverage DPI software from ipoque to power a wide range of network functionalities with real-time, fine-grained traffic insights. Equipped with built-in DPI, your solution will help CSPs, mobile operators, and MVNOs to respond faster to network traffic needs and address network issues more effectively. The following telecom use cases derive significant benefits from embedded deep packet inspection software:

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