R&S®vPACE  Vectoring-based deep packet inspection engine for protocol and application insights in cloud computing


Vectoring-based deep packet
inspection engine for protocol and
application insights in cloud computing

Vectoring-based OEM deep packet inspection engine R&S®vPACE

R&S®vPACE is an OEM deep packet inspection engine designed for vectoring-based frameworks such as FD.io’s vector packet processing (VPP). As an easily integrable VPP plugin, our classification engine R&S®vPACE boasts unparalleled speeds and accuracy and is designed to meet the high performance requirements of cloud computing.

The VPP DPI engine identifies and classifies thousands of protocols, applications and service types in real-time by combining ipoque’s state-of-the-art DPI signature library with advanced machine learning and deep learning methods as well as traditional DPI techniques such as behavioral/statistical and heuristic analysis. R&S®vPACE supports the detection of protocols from layer 2 up to layer 7 and beyond and extracts traffic metadata to establish traffic attributes such as bandwidth usage, throughput and jitter.

With one of the highest detection rates and the lowest processing footprint in the market, the engine delivers highly efficient and scalable visibility and classification of IP traffic for VNFs, CNFs and 5G UPFs.


Combine vector packet processing and DPI to build next-generation 5G UPFs, VNFs and CNFs

FD.io’s vector packet processing (VPP) is an open-source packet processing stack backed by the Linux Foundation. VPP replaces scalar packet processing (SPP) to deliver substantial speed and performance gains for virtual network functions (VNFs), cloud-native network functions (CNFs) and 5G user plane functions (UPFs).

VPP processes incoming IP packets in frames or vectors comprising up to 256 packets per vector. Each vector is forwarded through a processing graph made up of a set of processing instances known as nodes or vertices. Each node performs a distinct packet processing task such as tagging or extraction of information, based on the instructions fetched from a VNF’s or CNF’s main memory. VPP leverages the instructions stored in a node’s memory cache to process all packets in a vector before these packets are forwarded to the subsequent node. This reduces the number of instructions retrieved from a function’s main memory at each node, significantly improving the speeds and efficiency of the underlying network function.

As with any network function, VPP greatly augments R&S®vPACE, allowing it to scale its processing capacity to meet cloud computing requirements and support cloud-native network deployments. With a significantly enhanced clocks-per-packet ratio, R&S®vPACE enables network vendors and operators to build and deploy high performant and low latency UPFs, VNFs and CNFs, equipped with reliable real-time IP traffic insights.

R&S®vPACE at a glance

  • Lowest memory footprint in the market: Less than 400 bytes per 5-tuple connection and 700 bytes per network endpoint
  • Almost linear scalability: Three times the speed of scalar packet processing (SPP)-based DPI engines
  • High accuracy and reliability: One of the highest detection rates in the industry with virtually no false positives
  • Easily integrable: FD.io VPP integration examples, well-defined APIs and dedicated consulting engineers
  • No-vendor lock-in: Written in C with no external dependencies
  • Up-to-date: Weekly updates to the signature portfolio
  • Encrypted traffic intelligence: Detection of traffic encrypted over protocols and other techniques such as TLS 1.3, DoH and ESNI as well as traffic anonymized by VPNs / CDNs and traffic obfuscated by methods such as DNS tunneling or spoofing
  • Compatible with any framework or environment: Runs in cloud-based and virtualized architectures on any vectoring-based framework, such as VPP
  • Metadata extraction: Extraction of metadata from IP traffic, including TLS, QUIC, HTTP, DNS but also operating system metadata
  • First packet classification: Enables the identification of the first packet in a flow via DNS-caching and QUIC Client Hellos

Use cases for application awareness in cloud environments
enabled by R&S®vPACE

Our VPP DPI engine R&S®vPACE can be deployed into any 5G UPF, VNF and CNF within a vectoring-based environment delivering network traffic visibility and granular insights into protocols, applications and service types. The engine can be easily integrated into virtualized CPEs, EPCs, PGWs, network packet brokers, load balancers, IP probes, NGFW, IPS/IDS and WAPs to support a host of use cases such as:

  • 5G operator services including native support to be embedded in VNFs or CNFs
    • vEPC
    • vUPF
    • Network slicing
    • WiFi offloading
    • Load balancing
    • SD-WAN/ SASE including services such as
      • Next-generation firewall
      • Application performance
      • Device/ endpoint security
      • Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention (IDS/IPS)
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    A service & support you can count on

    Enjoy exceptional service and support when licensing from ipoque, a Rohde and Schwarz company. Save on maintenance costs and instantly resolve technical issues with 24/7 support availability via a multitude of customer service channels, including a customer portal with ticket tracking, an emergency hotline, email and on-site support.

    Seamlessly deploy R&S®vPACE into your networking solution with expert application engineers that provide online and on-site integration and optimization consulting, troubleshooting and debugging, as well as training and explanation on the latest software updates. Influence the product roadmap to suit the needs of your solution, and set your preferred response times with flexible service level agreements (SLAs).

    RS Icon technical benefits

    Benefits of licensing the VPP DPI engine R&S®vPACE

    • Combine advanced DPI capabilities with the performance gains of VPP for a market-leading solution
    • Utilize ipoque’s weekly updated signature portfolio to stay up-to-date with the latest protocols and applications
    • Capitalize on ipoque’s decades of experience in traffic intelligence solutions to cut down on research and development costs and accelerate time to market
    • Receive 24/7 service and support via a dedicated application engineer
    • Future-proof your solution with encrypted traffic intelligence via the use of advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms

    Contact us today for pricing information, a free evaluation or a product demo.

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