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Next-gen deep packet inspection software

Enhance your networking solution with powerful application awareness. Integrate market-leading DPI software superior in its performance, reliability and ease of use.

Next-gen DPI software for networking, telco and cybersecurity solutions

With more than 18 years of experience in network intelligence solutions, ipoque has become the leading vendor for next-gen deep packet inspection software. Our next-gen DPI technology delivers real-time application awareness and granular network traffic visibility. It is being deployed globally by networking, telco and cybersecurity vendors to accelerate time to market, reduce R&D costs and stay ahead of the competition.

What is deep packet inspection?

Deep packet inspection (DPI) is a technology that enables network administrators to analyze the data passing through their network. Built-in DPI software delivers real-time traffic visibility for IP networks, allowing the reliable and accurate identification and classification of traffic across applications, protocols and service types. DPI examines network traffic from layers 3 to 7 and beyond. It combines metadata extraction with a range of traffic classification methods including port-based matching, pattern matching, behavioral analysis and statistical/heuristic analysis. In short, DPI provides modern networks with what they need the most – intelligence.

With continuously evolving network protocols and applications, increasing network traffic and rapidly evolving advanced threats, up-to-date deep packet inspection software is vital for classifying network traffic reliably to ensure efficient network operation and the greatest security. To meet future service demands, carriers and enterprises are not only enhancing their network infrastructure for greater speed and quality of service (QoS), they also seek tools to manage their data flows more intelligently.

The next-gen DPI technology from ipoque also affords machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) capabilities to further enhance classification accuracy and enable encrypted traffic analytics. DPI-enabled network traffic detection is powered by comprehensive traffic signature libraries. Deployed as software or purpose-built hardware, deep packet inspection can perform large-scale traffic filtering, inline or out of bounds, in any part of an IP network.

DPI software can further reinforce network security and enhance network management when integrated into gateways, such as wireless access points (WAP), and SD-WAN solutions for both telco and enterprise, including security products and solutions such as NG firewalls, CASB and ISD/IPS.

We have created a detailed blog post explaining "What is deep packet inspection and why do we need it?".

How does next-gen deep packet inspection work?

Deep packet inspection software can support network security tools and examine the payload to obtain deeper insights into network traffic, while shallow packet inspection only scans the packet headers. Also, more and more IP networks and applications are using advanced encryption protocols, like internet protocol security (IPsec), to ensure data privacy, security and confidentiality. This leads to reduced packet readability and network traffic visibility.

Our future-proof DPI technology uses encrypted traffic intelligence (ETI) to respond to challenges relating to the management of encrypted traffic. ETI combines machine learning and deep learning algorithms and high-dimensional data analytics to take network traffic analysis one step further. Built-in deep packet inspection software enriches networking solutions with application awareness – enabling your solution to identify protocol non-compliance, spam, viruses, intrusions or other defined criteria.

Tackling network complexities with built-in DPI software

Leveraging the next-gen deep packet inspection software from ipoque, vendors of networking, traffic management and cybersecurity solutions can readily deploy DPI without having to develop the capabilities in-house or resort to open-source DPI tools. From traffic prioritization to congestion management, IP traffic insights from ipoque’s next-gen DPI software enable a timely resolution of network performance issues. With rapidly multiplying attack vectors and surfaces, these insights also help to protect networks against cyberthreats, fraud and misuse. At the same time, this level of network analysis empowers operators to monitor quality of service and user experience. Moreover, these network traffic insights address the information gap that often leads to poor network designs and suboptimal policies. Without the network traffic visibility provided by next-gen DPI software, operators remain unaware of new opportunities for growth and upselling, leaving their networks and resources underutilized.

Enhanced intelligence for today's IP networks

DPI-based network insights are used widely across IP networks to support:

Traffic analysis

Security filtering

Access and usage control

Traffic management

Performance + QoS monitoring

The use of commercial-grade DPI software spans various broad-based use cases across fixed, mobile, enterprise, cloud, IoT and IIoT networks, and hundreds of specific implementations such as SDN, SASE, ZTNA, APM and DEM. Built-in deep packet inspection empowers networking equipment and solutions to manage data flows more intelligently, identify performance bottlenecks and provide data usage insights to improve network performance and security and optimize policies.

Explore cutting-edge methodologies for application awareness

  1. Classification
    Accurately classify packets in real time by type of protocol (e.g. TCP/UDP, HTTPS, SMTP and FTP), application (e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp,
    Microsoft Teams and Amazon) and application attribute (e.g. video, chat, audio, file transfer)
  2. Metadata extraction
    Extract granular packet metadata and key network metrics such as traffic volume, jitter, throughput, latency, packet loss, file uploads and downloads, user location, HTTP/QUIC user agents, and operating system information
  3. Encrypted traffic intelligence
    Reliably detect and classify any type of encrypted, obfuscated and anonymized traffic with ipoque’s built-in cutting-edge encrypted traffic intelligence (ETI) with no performance or memory loss
  4. Additional product add-ons
    Deploy additional modules and plug-ins, such as the mobile tethering detection plug-in, the Flow Data Exporter plug-in or our GTP correlation module R&S®GSRM to suit your application or network needs

Experience our encrypted traffic intelligence (ETI)

To address the rise in new encryption protocols, such as TLS 1.3, DNS over HTTPs (DoH), ESNI and ESH, our OEM DPI software combines existing traffic classification methods with encrypted traffic intelligence (ETI). This combination involves state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) techniques as well as advanced caching methods to instantly classify encrypted, obfuscated and anonymized network traffic. Boasting over 1,000 statistical, time series and packet-level features, and combining multiple ML algorithms and DL layers, ETI deciphers highly complex traffic patterns and automatically detects new features, resulting in a future-proof deep packet inspection solution.

Tap into our long-standing DPI expertise to build high-performance products

  • Leverage decades of experience
    Over 18 years of experience in OEM DPI software and IP network analytics

  • Minimize R&D
    A team of more than 160 in-house developers and extensive partnerships with leading universities, pushing the boundaries of research in big data, AI and machine learning

  • Deploy leading software
    Market-leading commercial OEM DPI software with one of the highest traffic detection rates and one of the lowest memory footprints in the industry

  • Stay ahead of the market
    Continuously improved, weekly-updated DPI signature library with thousands of protocol and application signatures

Rely on the leading supplier of next-gen DPI software with encrypted traffic visibily for telco, networkling and cybersecurity vendors. Find out more about ipoque and what drives us.

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Benefits of licensing OEM DPI software from ipoque

  • Reduce development costs and maximize return on investment (ROI)
  • Tailor our OEM DPI software to suit your exact use case or application
  • Take advantage of flexible SLAs
  • Benefit from deployment support and consulting, including on-site integration and application engineering assistance
  • Receive support from a dedicated account manager
  • Instantly report any issue with 24/7 support via phone, email or online ticket tracking
  • Stay up to date with training ranging from high-level product training to low-level feature and integration training
  • Optimize your DPI performance with in-house code reviews and troubleshooting assistance
  • Influence our product roadmap by requesting new features and support for new protocols and applications

Read our customer insights for use case specific advantages and benefits.

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