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Turning raw IP data into network intelligence

ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, is a leading provider of advanced, future-proof OEM deep packet inspection (DPI) and IP analytics software delivering comprehensive visibility of IP network traffic. Embedded into networking and cybersecurity tools, IP analytics solutions by ipoque enable application classification and mobile subscriber awareness, empowering customers to understand their network data. Transform raw IP data into the insights you need to analyze, optimize and manage networks effectively and to ensure the highest connectivity and security.

Founded as a software start-up in Leipzig in 2005 and acquired by the Munich-based Rohde & Schwarz group in 2011, ipoque combines the best of two worlds: agile software development and the resources of an international electronics group.

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Shaping application traffic with DPI-powered application delivery controller

Sitting between the external firewall and a web farm, today’s cloud-based application delivery controllers (ADCs) play a very important role in managing application traffic across highly distributed architectures. This article discusses how the evolution of ADCs requires deep network visibility and how deep packet inspection (DPI) can be used to power a number of key functionalities that span access control, security, content management and SSL termination. It highlights DPI’s VPP-driven traffic filtering capacity and how this can be used to enhance virtualized, cloud-based ADCs.

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Next-gen DPI with encrypted traffic intelligence

Keeping up with the continuous advancements in encryption presents a challenge for deep packet inspection in providing real-time insights on IP traffic. However, to maintain network functionalities that depend on immediate detection, DPI must incorporate additional techniques capable of identifying encrypted, obfuscated, and anonymized traffic. Discover how machine learning and deep learning can complement DPI to deliver encrypted traffic visibility.

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Security Service Edge (SSE) and DPI: Converged security meets advanced traffic awareness

Security Service Edge (SSE) provides a flexible yet scalable solution for implementing fine-grained access control for enterprise applications and for securing them against malicious activity. In a unified, single-pass SSE architecture, deep packet inspection enables a single, yet powerful point for traffic inspection that equips CASB, SWG, FWaaS, DNS, DLP and WAAPaaS with the information necessary to filter traffic effectively, block malicious sites and safeguard valuable enterprise data. Learn more about SSE and how it benefits from DPI in this article.

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Cisco Live 2023 in Las Vegas

Come and meet with our team of experts.

Date: 04 - 08 June 2023
Location: Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Booth: 10405

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Nowhere to hide: Using deep packet inspection for threat detection

Sudden changes in application speeds and latencies can indicate a cyberattack. This article discusses how threat detection can be augmented with deep packet inspection. It looks at how granular, application-level and service-level insights from DPI can be built into an enterprise’s threat detection system for highly accurate and reliable identification of malicious, suspicious and anomalous traffic.

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User and control plane correlation for intelligent load balancing in mobile networks

As mobile network operators face the challenges of increased traffic demands and security threats, intelligent load balancing has become more important than ever. This article discusses the deployment of our GTP correlation module R&S®GSRM for Niagara Networks’ Open Visibility Platform (OVP). It explains how the OEM software module enables subscriber awareness, allowing mobile network operators to benefit from intelligent load balancing and how this improves network efficiency, performance, traffic management, security, visibility and automation.

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    Success Story

    Graphiant integrates VPP DPI engine R&S®vPACE

    “By offering a native VPP implementation that delivers superior performance while ensuring computing efficiencies, R&S®vPACE delivers a differentiation that puts it above all other DPI solutions in the market.”

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    Success Story

    Niagara Networks integrates GTP correlation module R&S®GSRM

    “By partnering with ipoque, we are able to ensure that our solution will handle the complex call flow scenarios correctly, accurately and in a timely manner. With the Niagara Networks solution, mobile operators‘ tools will get subscriber-aware traffic intelligence and superior operational efficiencies in the ever-growing mobile networks.”

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    Success Story integrates next-gen DPI engine R&S®PACE 2

    “The implementation of R&S®PACE 2 will give service providers the opportunity to enhance their traffic management and security in a way that only a leader in deep packet inspection can enable on our platform.”

    More information about powers their telco-grade SDx services with DPI-driven network intelligence
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