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Turning raw IP data into network intelligence

ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, is a leading provider of advanced, future-proof IP analytics software that delivers real-time visibility of IP network traffic. Embedded into telco, networking and cybersecurity solutions, next-gen DPI software by ipoque enables reliable application classification and our GTP correlation module for mobile networking solutions provides session and subscriber awareness. Our software solutions empower customers to understand their network data. Transform raw IP data into the insights needed to analyze, optimize and manage networks effectively and to ensure the highest connectivity and security.

Founded as a software start-up in Leipzig in 2005 and acquired by the Munich-based Rohde & Schwarz group in 2011, ipoque combines the best of two worlds: agile software development and the resources of an international electronics group.

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DPI and VPNs: It's obfuscated ...

Virtual private networks (VPN), such as Psiphon, TOR and NordVPN, and related obfuscation techniques use various obfuscation techniques, including encryption and dynamic IP addresses, to ensure the security and privacy of data. The same techniques, inadvertently, create huge blind spots in network monitoring, leaving the network open to attacks and abuse. This article assesses how next-gen DPI engines R&S®PACE 2 and R&S®vPACE, via a rich repository of VPN signatures, identify VPN services and deliver application and threat awareness.

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User and control plane correlation for intelligent load balancing in mobile networks

As mobile network operators face the challenges of increased traffic demands and security threats, intelligent load balancing has become more important than ever. This article discusses the deployment of our GTP correlation module R&S®GSRM for Niagara Networks’ Open Visibility Platform (OVP). It explains how the OEM software module enables subscriber awareness, allowing mobile network operators to benefit from intelligent load balancing and how this improves network efficiency, performance, traffic management, security, visibility and automation.

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Powering network edge ‘as-a-service’ with DPI-driven traffic intelligence

High-speed traffic filtering enables edge service providers to monitor traffic traversing data centers, branches, cloud infrastructure and home offices at scale. This article explores the deployment of R&S®vPACE for network edge “as-a-service” solutions, focusing on ipoque’s recent partnership with Graphiant, a provider of next-generation edge services. It examines how real-time traffic visibility across the network edge powers traffic management, access control, security and network optimization.

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How to win the latency race with DPI-driven WAN optimization

WAN optimization is becoming increasingly important in managing bandwidth. Explore how DPI supports various techniques used for WAN optimization, namely QoS management involving prioritization and load balancing, deduplication, caching, compression and CDN. It assesses how granular insights at the packet- and application-level expedite network optimization decisions, and how this improves latencies and application performance across WANs and SD-WANs.

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DPI-powered network packet brokers for data center networks

As data center operations grow in size and complexity, visibility into traffic flows becomes a critical network requirement. Discover how a leading provider of traffic filtering and security services for data centers benefits from leveraging real-time application awareness from R&S®PACE 2. This application and traffic visibility enables the intelligent filtering, control and distribution of data center traffic, augmenting the performance and efficiency of data center networks.

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Wi-Fi needs DPI. Wi-Fi 7 needs it even more.

Just like its predecessors Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 7 needs real-time traffic visibility to enhance its functionalities and performance. This article discusses the advancements brought by Wi-Fi 7 and the role of deep packet inspection in supporting restricted target wake time (TWT), multi-access point coordination and multi-link operations (MLO). It looks at how DPI’s application awareness helps to optimize bandwidth, ensure high speeds and low latency while improving the security of Wi-Fi networks.

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    Graphiant integrates VPP DPI engine R&S®vPACE

    “By offering a native VPP implementation that delivers superior performance while ensuring computing efficiencies, R&S®vPACE delivers a differentiation that puts it above all other DPI solutions in the market.”

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    Success Story

    Niagara Networks integrates GTP correlation module R&S®GSRM

    “By partnering with ipoque, we are able to ensure that our solution will handle the complex call flow scenarios correctly, accurately and in a timely manner. With the Niagara Networks solution, mobile operators‘ tools will get subscriber-aware traffic intelligence and superior operational efficiencies in the ever-growing mobile networks.”

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    Success Story integrates next-gen DPI engine R&S®PACE 2

    “The implementation of R&S®PACE 2 will give service providers the opportunity to enhance their traffic management and security in a way that only a leader in deep packet inspection can enable on our platform.”

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