DPI-powered application
awareness for SD-WAN

Boost your SD-WAN with leading-edge DPI from ipoque

The need for application-aware SD-WANs

In today’s digital economy, it has become increasingly critical for SD-WAN monitoring solutions to ensure predictable application performance and reliability along with secure, uninterrupted connectivity at all locations. To deliver advanced security, optimize user experience and enable real-time business decisions, SD-WANs must be “application-aware”. Using sophisticated deep packet inspection (DPI) technology to identify an application, its attribute or its application family provides visibility into application and network performance. This makes SD-WAN management solutions more intelligent. Visibility on the application level enables closer control and optimization of the SD-WAN traffic flow, which also leads to increased network flexibility. With DPI-powered traffic visibility and shaping, the SD-WAN bandwidth can be monitored and increased for relevant packets.

Intelligent routing and advanced application security with
future-proof deep packet inspection software

Improve your SD-WAN performance with our industry-leading DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 and gain the advantage of identifying and classifying thousands of applications and network protocols as well as extracting metadata in real time. The highly flexible, scalable and customizable DPI software simplifies integration with on-premises and cloud-based SD-WAN products. Keep up with dynamic changes in network protocols and applications, ensuring the highest detection rate with accurate DPI-powered classification and weekly signature updates. Rely on our easy-to-integrate DPI software to deliver intelligent routing for TCP optimization, SD-WAN traffic steering and enterprise application performance with advanced reporting capabilities.

A DPI-enabled SD-WAN with application visibility supports

  • Fine-grained SD-WAN policies on a per-app and per-service basis such as Skype audio, video, chat etc.
  • Dynamic, application-aware and performance-based routing
  • Variety of QoS and QoE indicators: Particularly cloud applications that businesses are increasingly dependent on such as Office 365
  • Application SLA enforcement: SLA management of an application or service type based on latency, jitter, packet loss and service termination

For a full list of DPI-enabled SD-WAN and security features, download our whitepaper “SD-WAN and DPI – A powerful combination for application-driven networking”.

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R&S®PACE 2 features for SD-WAN

  • First packet classification enables real-time traffic classification, needed to implement network management and security rules from the first packet, allowing for a consistent treatment of packets across the entire application.
  • High accuracy of data improves automation and efficiency in network management and enables more predictive application and security policies
  • Classification of packets by criticality, latency sensitivity, speed sensitivity and bandwidth intensity enables SD-WANs to determine optimal routes by application type, according expensive MPLS links or 5G URLLC slices to critical data while offloading less critical applications to the public Internet. Benefit from lower network costs, improved efficiencies and increased traffic management effectiveness.
RS Icon technical benefits

Benefits of advanced OEM DPI for SD-WAN

  • Enhance SD-WAN security
  • Reduce time to market and focus on core competencies
  • Reduce development costs and improve efficiency and business sustainability
  • Easily extract metadata, report and manage information in real time
  • Improve performance and save time with customizable event reporting and analytics
  • Keep up with dynamic changes in protocols and applications, ensuring a high detection rate

Rely on advanced OEM deep packet inspection software by ipoque developed and optimized for your needs to bring your SD-WAN solution to the next level.

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