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Customer-oriented quality approach

Lasting customer satisfaction is our primary quality objective. At Rohde & Schwarz, the support cycle begins with the earliest product design stages to guarantee the most professional and efficient service. We continue our support throughout the entire product lifecycle, ensuring that our customers are always satisfied. All Rohde & Schwarz service offerings are designed to create an unforgettable customer experience that not only meets, but repeatedly exceeds your expectations with respect to quality, service, delivery and cost.

To ensure maximum quality, Rohde & Schwarz has adopted a quality management model that allows customers to play a significant role in defining requirements. Knowledge of customers' perception of our performance is the basic prerequisite for target-oriented action. The management system ensures that customer needs and expectations are continuously identified, translated into requirements, implemented and monitored. We focus on building strong customer relationships, which result in products in line with the market's demands for features and quality.

Our ambitions to constantly improve processes, optimize workflows and make organizational and management requirements more efficient, also shows in our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

“We are extremely satisfied with the support and response we have received from the Rohde & Schwarz team. Their strong understanding of our needs and prompt, expert service delivery exceeded our expectations. Licensing Rohde & Schwarz DPI definitely helped us to concentrate on our core business.“

Josef Waclaw, CEO Infotecs

Support Channels

We understand the impact of unexpected downtimes. Based on our different support channels, we react quickly to customer issues to ensure service continuity, operational efficiency and the best customer experience.

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Online ticket system

All of our customers receive individual access credentials for our online ticket system.
Here you can:

  • Open and manage all troubleshooting issues
  • Handle priority levels
  • Stay informed about the ticket status
  • Share documents and attachments
  • Receive information about software updates and new releases

Are you an existing customer? Here you can access the support portal with your log-on credentials.

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On-site support

For the integration of our DPI software into your solution, we offer to send our engineers to work directly on-site with your technical staff. Meeting our specialists on site gives you a chance to:

  • Maximize system utilization
  • Get up-to-date information on the latest software enhancements
  • Discuss new feature requests
  • Optimize system performance

Are you a potential customers with an ongoing Proof of Concept (PoC)? Here you can log in to our PoC portal.

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Phone and 24/7 support

To resolve issues quickly, dedicated support engineers are available for all questions related to system hardware, software, functionality and handling during business hours (CET). In accordance with your chosen SLAs, a 24/7 hotline is available for emergencies outside business hours.

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E-Mail support

For further technical inquiries, if you encounter problems or just don’t know what to do next, contact us by email.

Signature updates DPI software RS PACE 2

Software updates and releases

DPI delivers the intelligence you need to make the right decisions. But your decisions can only be as smart as the DPI technology you are using. A growing number of new and updated protocols and applications are introduced into the network daily. To keep our DPI as smart as possible, we update it weekly with the newest signatures and classifications.

Thanks to continuous performance and reliability testing, we regularly implement software improvements to ensure no application remains undetected.

Moreover, R&S®PACE2 can update signatures without interrupting or stopping the system. The signature update system is always active, so that already classified flows don’t get lost.

Focus on your core product while we handle the complexity of constantly evolving applications and protocols.