Our service promise

Reliable, expert-level
service and support
that keeps you operative

A service you can count on

Over 15 years of experience in IP network analytics and 100 customers in over 90 countries speak for themselves. At ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, we believe that technical support should go beyond basic troubleshooting. We know that continued optimization and maintenance extend the life of your system and ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

We are at your side, even when things get complicated. If you seek to innovate and transform your business with DPI in a safer way, we are ready to team up with you. Stay operative with proactive service from our global team of experts, trained and professionally qualified to meet your needs.

While you focus on your business goals, we act as your IP data watchdog.


We adapt our support and services to your needs. Buying from Rohde & Schwarz comes with flexible service level agreements (SLAs), first-level support and optional 24/7 availability at your convenience.
Our consulting engineers are at the ready and can even provide on-site service within a few hours.


For rapid resolutions, our service follows the sun. We make sure to handle your case even beyond the working day of a time zone. The end of the day does not mean the end of our certified service. Our primary service language is English. In addition, we offer support in other languages upon request. We will always assist you in the best possible way.

Feedback culture

With our extensive quality management, we maintain the high-performance level of our customer service and support center. We value our customers’ feedback, carrying out independent and voluntary customer surveys every other month. The results help us to optimize our service continuously. We are proud of an average five-star rating.

A team of experts at your side

We understand that each customer is unique. This is reflected in the individual solutions offered by our team of consulting engineers. With their assistance, including virtual and on-site engineering support, you can drastically reduce your time to market.

Our highly skilled experts address your individual challenges with a detailed understanding of your environment and business needs. Equipped with intimate knowledge of the R&S®PACE 2 deep packet inspection engine, our consulting team is available around the clock to diagnose and resolve technical problems rapidly and to plan future support actions that reduce your long-term maintenance costs.

The full stack of service and support that comes with R&S®PACE 2 keeps your business operative.

Discover all of our key services in the "R&S®PACE 2 service & support brochure"

Barracuda Networks relies on our service and support

Our deep packet inspection software is being used in award-winning products by Rohde & Schwarz and many of the world’s top tech companies such as Barracuda Networks. Don't miss this interview to find out why Barracuda has been licensing our next-gen DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 for over ten years now. Our customer insights section provides further insights .

ipoque support channels

Service excellence is a signature benefit of Rohde & Schwarz. We guarantee short response times and fewer system downtimes thanks to professional quick fixes and excellent support from experienced system specialists.

Online ticket tracking system

All of our customers receive individual access credentials for our online ticket system to:

  • Open and manage all troubleshooting issues
  • Handle priority levels
  • Stay informed about the ticket status
  • Share documents and attachments

Are you an existing customer? Here you can access the support portal with your log-on credentials.

Emergency and hotline service

Issues do not wait until business hours. This is why we are always at your side. Designated support engineers are available around the clock for all questions related to system hardware, software, functionality, and handling.

  • Receive professional quick fixes and workarounds
    to keep you operative
  • You can book individual 24/7 service with limited
    duration, for example during critical conversion

On-site support

We organize visits and trainings by dedicated experts:

  • Integration consulting with close technical cooperation
  • Optimization consulting for highest system performance
  • Troubleshooting and debugging
  • Face-to-face information on the latest software enhancements

Email support

For further technical inquiries, if you encounter problems or just don’t know what to do next, contact us by email.

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