Deep packet inspection for cybersecurity solutions

Take your cybersecurity solution to the next level with advanced DPI software from ipoque

Deep network visibility: A critical prerequisite for cybersecurity

New attack vectors, expansion of attack surfaces, encryption and the rise of organised cybercrimes and nation state actors have led to an increased frequency and intensity of cyberattacks. Cybersecurity vendors tasked with controlling network access and eliminating these threats require real-time, deep insights into every inch of the network in order to effectively safeguard networks, applications and data.

Whether it is unintentional data leaks by an insider or a well-orchestrated large-scale DDoS attack, built-in next generation deep packet inspection (DPI) software from ipoque enables your security solution to identify malicious and anomalous traffic patterns down to application and service types, even for encrypted traffic. Our highly accurate, actionable network traffic insights help you to pin down attack sources, accelerate remedial action and enhance monitoring efficiencies to create cybersecurity solutions that are ahead of the game.

Cybersecurity risks: Boost your solution with embedded DPI

Cyberattacks and other cyber risks are a threat to any small business or large company network. Data and intelligence leaks not only harm a company’s reputation and cause a loss of confidence among customers and business partners but can also bankrupt a business. Integrating adequate cybersecurity solutions, enhancing already existing structures and embedding DPI technology minimises the risk of accidental and premeditated unauthorised data flow.

Implementing and increasing reliable security measures is crucial in order to identify cyber threats in real-time and protect your customers’ data, sensitive information and your company’s intellectual property. DPI provides protection against a wide number of vulnerabilities:

  • Data leaks
    Protect your business from data leaks by embedding deep packet inspection in your IT structure and blocking and filtering unauthorised data flow.
  • Malware
    A fully integrated DPI structure enables administrators to identify, analyse and block malicious software and activity by identifying it before it enters the internal network.
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
    Cyber attacks can be detected easily with network monitoring by deep packet inspection. Full visibility of network monitoring processes makes it easier to identify irregular network traffic and attackers.
  • Denial-of-service attacks
    By monitoring and managing incoming traffic through signature matching, DPI is also effective against denial-of-service attacks.

Advanced threat intelligence powered by next-gen DPI

Pairing DPI with detection software is an effective way of blocking malware before it threatens the endpoints in your network.

By embedding the renowned DPI technology from ipoque into your solution, you enable superior traffic pattern analysis that helps you uncover security incidents in real time. Next-gen DPI from ipoque deploys advanced filtering and classification methods leveraging machine learning, deep learning and high-dimensional data analysis alongside metadata extraction to identify the latest attack techniques. With our DPI engines R&S®PACE 2 and R&S®vPACE you can upscale your security monitoring capabilities and deliver highly reliable and accurate threat analyses for any traffic volume. R&S®PACE 2 and R&S®vPACE are respectively optimised for standard networks and intensive cloud computing environments. Our OEM DPI software comes with the lowest memory footprint in the industry and can be integrated into both physical and virtualised security solutions at any point in the network for end-to-end visibility.

Build stronger cybersecurity solutions with advanced DPI software

Cybersecurity vendors providing next generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, endpoint protection, micro segmentation, SASE, ZTNA and other products highly benefit from using next-gen DPI software from ipoque to secure and manage user devices, edge networks, data centres, servers, applications and network functions. Here are some popular security use cases powered by built-in DPI:

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