DPI-powered application
awareness for DEM

Boost your DEM solution with next-gen deep packet
inspection by ipoque

Enable best-in-class digital experience monitoring with DPI-powered application awareness

Digital experience monitoring (DEM) goes one step further than application and network performance monitoring. It provides a holistic and complete view of what users are experiencing in their applications, on various digital interfaces, at various locations and across various devices. The complexity of digital ecosystems, the variety of user devices and networks, and real-time monitoring are challenges DEM tools must overcome.

DEM solutions need deep packet inspection (DPI) more than any other IT monitoring tool as they require visibility not just into a particular link or infrastructure stack, but also into the entire application delivery pathway and across every end user accessing these assets. The diagnostics data provided by DPI enriches synthetic transaction monitoring (STM) and real user monitoring (RUM). DPI provides insights that enable RUM data to be analyzed further to identify issues with enterprise applications. It also helps segregate issues arising at the application layer from issues residing in the enterprise network, data center or infrastructure. Furthermore, deep packet inspection can identify bandwidth-intensive applications and users on layer seven and help to ensure a more reliable user experience.

Thus, DPI is the tool of choice for DEM as it provides deep traffic insights at a highly granular level across data networks, delivering critical input for the real-time analysis of user experience.

Enable deeper digital experience insights and understand the impact on business KPIs with next-generation DPI software

Our industry-leading DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 delivers full network traffic visibility and insightful user experience data. It can be integrated seamlessly into both virtualized and containerized environments, end-to-end across any network, supporting the scalability that is needed in state-of-the-art DEM networks. R&S®PACE 2 is able to detect, identify and classify encrypted and obfuscated traffic, which is one of the key requirements for DPI software integrated into DEM. This enhances DEM in two ways – by identifying application packets along delivery pathways and application performance issues arising from malicious traffic that is encrypted.

With its traffic classification and metadata extraction capabilities coupled with statistical analysis, heuristics and machine learning methodologies, our DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 is able to identify the source of any issue, which could be a congested transport link or an application code error. It can detect issues specific to a WAN or ISP or with a web or database server by inspecting and identifying packets originating from these sources and analyzing them in real time.

When issues arise, the combination of DEM solutions and DPI software can help to pinpoint the root cause of problems faster, minimize their impact on end users and optimize the digital experience

A DPI-enabled DEM solution with application visibility can:

  • Gain global, regional and local insights on types and usage of cloud and SaaS applications, the type of devices and networks these applications are accessed on, the end users and their behavior
  • Analyze application and application service type information in real time to enrich RUM data
  • Compute quality metrics for user experience calculations in real time across selected applications
  • Identify the latest SaaS applications
  • Enrich STM datasets with the information that is most relevant to modern companies
  • Detect user device and external connectivity issues
  • Receive real-time insights and aggregated values to deliver the highest quality of experience (QoE), performance and security on enterprise applications and networks

For more details on key factors influencing the adoption of DEM and the role of DPI, read our report “Digital experience monitoring in the era of cloud and SaaS and the need for DPI intelligence”.

icon feature list

R&S®PACE 2 capabilities for DEM solutions

  • Encrypted traffic intelligence (ETI) provides traffic awareness on encrypted and obfuscated traffic to close the visibility gap and enable enhanced DEM monitoring and diagnostics capabilities
  • Weekly library updates of DPI signatures integrated smoothly during runtime allow for near real-time incorporation of the latest protocols and application signatures and help to prevent gaps between the central signature registry and the software libraries currently used for traffic filtering on the client’s end
  • Platform-agnostic design and lightweight software form factor ensure seamless integration into virtualized and containerized environments supporting the scalability that is needed across state-of-the-art DEM networks
RS Icon technical benefits

Benefits of advanced OEM DPI for DEM tools

  • Create a high-performance DEM solution that enables companies to monitor and manage user experience on multi-cloud, distributed architectures
  • Provide the visibility required to identify and remediate application performance or user experience issues like network congestion or application slowdowns quickly, accurately and effectively
  • Detect and block security threats, such as malware, and enable a more robust security system
  • Help enterprises to improve and optimize the design and architecture of their networks
  • Keep up with dynamic changes in protocols, applications and services to ensure the best traffic detection rates as well as traffic classification accuracy
  • Reduce development costs and improve efficiency and business sustainability

Rely on advanced OEM deep packet inspection software by ipoque – developed and optimized for your needs to bring your DEM solution to the next level.

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