Whitepaper: DPI and 5G

Accurate application identification and real-time network traffic visibility

RS image resources whitepaper 5G

This whitepaper looks at the network- and service-level enhancements brought about by 5G and uncovers the need for accurate application identification at various points throughout the network. DPI becomes key in 5G – as it provides real-time network traffic visibility and real-time application classification from the core to the edge and across all layers and nodes within the network. DPI integrates seamlessly across the network, feeding crucial insights that enable intelligent traffic management. This helps network operators and 5G service providers to maintain high levels of network performance, security and customer experience across all 5G applications and services. Likewise, it ensures high network efficiency and, in the long run, a lower cost of ownership for the network.

Why download this whitepaper

Discover how ipoque's future-proof DPI technology delivers critical traffic and application identification across various network services to support 5G’s features, such as network slicing and edge computing. Understand how DPI’s granular classification capabilities enable use cases such as evolved mobile broadband (eMBB), ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC) and massive machine type communications (mMTC).

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