Whitepaper: DPI and 5G

Network visibility and real-time-application awareness

RS image resources whitepaper 5G

This whitepaper looks at the network- and service-level enhancements brought about by 5G and determines the need for application awareness at various points throughout the network. Moreover, it addresses how application awareness is delivered by deep packet inspection (DPI), an advanced technology for real-time classification of IP traffic. Discover DPI’s granular classification capability and how this helps network operators to manage an array of new applications and services introduced by 5G. These include much-touted use cases such as evolved mobile broadband (eMBB), ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC) and massive machine type communications (mMTC).

Why download this whitepaper

The paper uncovers the need for application awareness and detailed traffic analytics across various network services to support 5G’s new features, such as network slicing and edge computing. It looks at how DPI-empowered real-time traffic classification information feeds into the network to support the implementation of these advanced features.

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