Deep packet inspection for networking solutions

Power your networking solution with next-gen DPI software from ipoque

Networking solutions and the need for enhanced network intelligence

Network intelligence needs to keep evolving. The rise of the app era, rapid growth in traffic volumes, trends such as work-from-anywhere and the evolution of new encryption protocols have resulted in the need for enhanced IP network traffic visibility to take on the complexities of managing today’s networks. This ever-changing technological landscape and the resulting requirements call for agile and adaptable networks to operate at the highest level.

Playing a crucial role in managing, optimizing and controlling traffic flows, networking solutions need enhanced network traffic visibility to enforce traffic rules, manage access, monitor performance and resolve issues for superior connectivity and an enhanced user experience.

A lack of network visibility limits the ability of networking solutions to respond to changing traffic patterns and rapidly evolving user needs, resulting in poorly performing and inefficient networks. It also leaves network issues and degradation in network performance undetected and unremedied. As a networking solution provider, advanced next-generation deep packet inspection (DPI) from ipoque enables you to leverage the latest IP traffic classification methods and weekly signature updates to power your networking solutions with accurate, real-time network traffic insights.

Moreover, by providing detailed insights into network data traffic, deep packet inspection enables network solution vendors to implement more sophisticated policies – such as usage limits or access restrictions – hence allowing for intelligent decision-making. Deep packet inspection also enhances network security by inspecting data packets in real time, as well as analyzing and monitoring network traffic, making for clearer, more precise identification of attacks and threats like malware and a more secure network.

By helping you build networks that are truly agile and intelligent, advanced DPI technology paves the way for a better network experience and application-aware networking. This enables you to stay ahead of the competition and, at the same time, expand your market share. Benefit from real network intelligence solutions powered by deep packet inspection software.

DPI-powered insights for networking solutions

By integrating future-proof DPI technology from ipoque, you can scale your solutions and significantly enhance their functions to meet the demands of today’s networks. Our cutting-edge OEM DPI engines, R&S®PACE 2 and R&S®vPACE, which are optimized for scalar packet processing and vector packet processing environments respectively, boast the highest accuracy rates on the market. Our DPI engines identify, classify and filter network traffic, detect encrypted traffic flows and perform metadata extraction to produce real-time insights regarding traffic and applications. With the lowest memory footprint on the market, you can integrate our DPI technology seamlessly into any networking solution.

Boost your solution with next-generation DPI software

Vendors building SD-WAN, LAN, VPN, 5G enterprise and IoT/IIoT networks rely on DPI software from ipoque to power routers, wireless access points, load balancers, network packet brokers and IP probes. Built-in DPI is also widely used by APM, DEM, cloud monitoring and QoE/QoS management vendors. Check out our featured use cases:

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