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GTP correlation for mobile subscriber awareness
in 3G, 4G and 5G networks

Boost your solution with subscriber-level traffic visibility

R&S®GSRM is an OEM software module that can be easily integrated into network packet brokers or IP probes to gain subscriber-aware visibility across 3G, 4G and 5G non-standalone networks. By embedding R&S®GSRM, you can correlate control plane and user plane traffic within the core of mobile networks. This allows you to filter, forward and load balance subscriber-specific GTP sessions to and across appropriate subsystems to optimize network performance, service quality and user experience. R&S®GSRM is the only GTP correlation software on the market that can be integrated directly into end solutions without vendor lock-in.

Key features:

  • GTP correlation in real time based on subscriber IDs
  • Multi-core architecture with linear scalability to satisfy high bandwidth demands
  • Supports 3G, LTE and 5G NSA networks including GTPv1 and GTPv2
  • Configurable input buffer and filter
  • Session metadata including cell location and bearer fields
  • Support of all standard network interfaces such as Gn, S1-U, S11 and S5

GTP session correlation: your key to subscriber awareness

With multiple millions of GPRS tunneling protocol (GTP) sessions running concurrently across mobile networks, GTP session correlation is essential for complete mobile subscriber awareness. By deploying the GTP subscriber resolving module R&S®GSRM directly into a load balancing solution such as a network packet broker, you can recreate a subscriber's session fully by tapping the various control and data plane interfaces and directing all traffic belonging to a specific subscriber to a single probe.

Use cases for subscriber awareness enabled by R&S®GSRM

  • Session-aware load balancing or smart traffic distribution ensures high-quality monitoring. In order not to lose information, forwarding all the traffic from a specific subscriber to one respective probe is essential
  • Session-aware traffic filtering and forwarding enables proper traffic management such as video traffic optimization for high priority customers
  • Policy control: Intelligent policy control and management tools honor existing policies, especially in the context of private 5G, and include next-level cybersecurity measures for individual subscribers and endpoints. This can be crucial for key machinery within a private 5G industrial landscape or protecting the mobile phone of a CEO.

Benefits of integrating the GTP correlation module:

  • Stand out in your market by leveraging subscriber awareness within your network solution
  • Faster time to market and reduced R&D cost through quick integration
  • Improved analytics accuracy through reliable correlation of subscriber sessions
  • Optimized tool infrastructure thanks to more efficient and effective processing throughput
  • Flexible SLAs to meet end - customer’s requirements
  • Expandable with DPI-powered application awareness enabled by R&S®PACE 2

Subscriber traffic visibility for mobile network operators

As the data volumes in mobile networks continue to grow exponentially, mobile network operators (MNOs) need a monitoring infrastructure that provides them the information they need to optimize network performance, manage quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) for their subscribers. As a vendor of network packet brokers or other mobile networking solutions, you can empower MNOs to handle growing traffic volumes intelligently by integrating R&S®GSRM and providing the subscriber-aware visibility an operator needs to:

  • Optimize network performance
  • Maximize QoE and QoS
  • Ensure more reliable accounting, billing, and subscription management
  • Identify and monetize new offerings and services
  • Ensure business continuity and optimize average revenue per user (ARPU)

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