Product brochure R&S®vPACE

VPP deep packet inspection engine for protocol and application insights in cloud computing

ipoque product brochure vPP DPI engine vPACE

With the shift to cloud-based networking, new computing methods driven by the performance and scalability needs of such environments are rapidly being adopted. The use of VPP, a cloud-optimized methodology based on batch processing of IP packets and a locally stored vertex memory cache, significantly improves speeds and latency. By using VPP, R&S®vPACE combines the advancements in cloud computing with the reliability and accuracy of its market-leading DPI techniques to deliver unparalleled, real-time traffic insights for virtualized and cloud-native functions (VNF/CNF) as well as 5G user plane functions (UPF) hosted and managed in the cloud.

R&S®vPACE is a vector packet processing (VPP) deep packet inspection engine optimized for cloud computing, specifically to meet visibility requirements for quality and security purposes. It empowers virtual network functions (VNF) through high-performance, real-time IP traffic classification of thousands of protocols and applications. Discover all details and benefits in our product brochure.

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