DPI-powered application
awareness for APM and NPM

Enhance your NPM and APM solution with advanced DPI by ipoque

DPI-powered application awareness for your network and application performance monitoring

In today’s digital economy, performance and application issues can create significant obstacles to business growth and profitability, resulting in negative impacts on the quality of users’ experience. This has become even more critical in the age of cloud-based, distributed computing in which performance or security issues might arise in a variety of trouble spots. Network and application performance monitoring, which is also known as application performance management, is essential for smooth operation. It involves measuring and analyzing the performance of software applications and networks and requires comprehensive traffic insights in real time.

The key to supporting the user journey and ensuring a flawless digital experience is a real-time understanding of every (business) transaction enabled by deep packet inspection (DPI). DPI provides application performance monitoring (APM) and network performance monitoring (NPM) tools with real-time network visibility and application awareness across all layers and nodes within a network. It enables the monitoring of network traffic and specific application traffic at the packet level, providing service-type insights that include response time metrics between client and server.

DPI-driven application-aware network performance monitoring (AANPM) even provides visibility into how application traffic and data is flowing across the network. Thus, it reveals how applications and the network impact each other’s performance.

Enterprise administrators can draw on these insights to delineate where issues may arise and determine whether an issue is network-based or application-based. By enhancing your NPM or APM solution with deep packet inspection, you can provide better data, more focused and high-quality insights, and the ability to understand the application, device, and network performance as a cohesive whole. Enable your customers to optimize network and application performance in ways never before possible.

Provide end-to-end observability for better business results and happy users with next-generation deep packet inspection software

Our industry-leading DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 delivers full network traffic visibility. The software combines sophisticated methods such as pattern matching, behavioral analysis and statistical/heuristic analysis, machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) to accurately detect and classify IP traffic in real time. Using dynamically updated libraries with the latest traffic signatures, the DPI engine extracts metadata on protocols, applications and services. This allows the network to apply different traffic management policies that are tailored to optimize customers’ network resources while maintaining application performance.

Provide customers with the right toolset to avoid inefficient routing, unnecessary filtering for threats, performance slowdowns, and wastage of network resources. Give network managers the input they need to anticipate performance issues before they even happen. Detect and block cyberthreats such as malware and password attacks in real time. Enhance network performance monitoring and diagnostics with application awareness by our next-gen DPI engine.

A DPI-enabled APM/NPM solution with application visibility enables to:

  • Go beyond the usual simple network management protocol (SNMP) and flow-based traffic monitoring to packet-level identification and classification to detect performance issues
  • Reveal latency, packet loss and jitter on each application, each link, each LAN and the overall enterprise network in real time enabling the diagnosis of enterprise connectivity issues
  • Uncover user device and external connectivity issues
  • Add depth to existing issue diagnosis at the application and enterprise connectivity layers to investigate and uncover the root cause of network and application issues
  • Develop and enforce effective traffic management policies in real time
  • Detect threats in real time and quickly implement additional filtering and blocking
  • Gain insights and aggregated values to deliver the highest QoE, performance and security on enterprise applications and networks

For a full list of DPI-enabled APM/NPM functionalities, read our whitepaper “DPI for application performance monitoring”.

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R&S®PACE 2 features and capabilities for NPM and APM solutions

  • Fine-grained, packet-level analytics delivered in real time empowers APM and NPM tools to correlate both application and network metrics to provide a detailed view of the end-to-end performance of their applications and networks.
  • Weekly updates of DPI signatures integrated smoothly during runtime allow for near real-time incorporation of the latest protocols and application signatures to prevent gaps between the central signature registry and the software libraries currently used for traffic filtering at the client’s end.
  • Advanced classification techniques including packet-level and flow-level classification combined with big data analysis, ML and AI ensure accurate and reliable traffic classification and enable the development of effective traffic management policies.
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Benefits of advanced OEM DPI for NPM and APM tools

  • Create a high-performance NPM/APM solution that enables enterprises to manage application delivery on multi-cloud, distributed architectures
  • Provide the visibility required to effectively identify and remediate application issues like network congestion or application slowdowns
  • Help enterprises to optimize the design and architecture of their networks
  • Offer enhanced security features to enable the real-time detection of cyberthreats and attacks
  • Keep up with dynamic changes in protocols, applications and services to ensure the best traffic detection rates as well as traffic classification accuracy
  • Reduce development costs and improve efficiency and business sustainability

Rely on advanced OEM deep packet inspection software by ipoque – developed and optimized for your needs to bring your NPM or APM solution to the next level.

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