Advanced DPI software for protocol and application insights

Identify & classify network traffic with deep packet inspection for real-time traffic visibility

Teaser image RS PACE 2


Advanced DPI engine

To manage network traffic efficiently and ensure the best connectivity and highest security, granular insights into networks, down to the application level and beyond, are necessary. R&S®PACE 2 is an advanced scalar packet processing (SPP)-based DPI engine that enhances networking and cybersecurity solutions with application-aware network traffic visibility. The software library classifies thousands of applications and protocols and extracts metadata even if traffic is encrypted or obfuscated. Weekly signature updates, combined with continuous performance and reliability testing, ensure that R&S®PACE 2 offers the highest traffic detection rate on the market.

vPACE - VPP DPI engine


VPP DPI engine

R&S®vPACE is a vector packet processing-based (VPP) DPI engine designed for frameworks such as the Fast Data Project ( that empowers virtual and cloud-native network functions (VNFs/ CNFs) with high performant, real-time IP traffic classification of thousands of protocols and applications. It is highly optimized for cloud computing, specifically to meet the visibility and speed requirements for quality and security purposes. R&S®vPACE can be easily integrated as a VPP plugin and shares the state-of-the-art signature portfolio of the leading scalar packet processing (SPP)-based DPI engine R&S®PACE 2.