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Subscriber awareness for data analytics

Boost your analytics solution with GTP correlation by ipoque

Scale up network analytics with real-time subscriber awareness

Network analytics lies at the core of intelligent networks. Accurate and timely analysis of traffic, applications and network assets form the basis of a mobile operator’s many operational and strategic decisions. That is why high data quality is needed for comprehensive network visibility and an accurate analysis of the network, as incomplete data can lead to incorrect interpretations and poor decision‑making.

However, from traffic policies to pricing strategies, deep insights into these attributes often require subscriber awareness and session awareness that enable operators to derive granular visibility into traffic navigating the mobile core. Such awareness, delivered via intelligent load balancing, allows operators to identify session performance, user behavior and subscriber quality of experience in addition to establishing the impact of subscriber activity on network performance and resource consumption. Only a full network visibility solution provides insightful subscriber data and enriches network data analytics.

Subscriber awareness is also important for supporting a wide range of dynamic network functions which rely on subscriber-based and session-based rules.

Deep network monitoring and granular session insights with GTP correlation

Our GTP Subscriber Resolving Module (R&S®GSRM) equips mobile operators with subscriber and session awareness in the mobile core across their LTE and 5G NSA networks. R&S®GSRM performs GTP correlation by correlating GTP user plane TEIDs with GTP control plane attributes for real-time identification of subscribers and sessions. Traffic distribution intermediaries such as a network packet broker (NPB), leverage subscriber awareness data so as to filter, aggregate, and forward traffic by a single subscriber or session.

This network traffic analysis tool facilitates intelligent load balancing in the mobile core, which provides IP probes and other network analytical tools with visibility into the entire session on the same hardware or virtual machine. This enables analytical tools to derive comprehensive information on each session and subscriber, affording deep insights into subscriber usage, behavior and preferences. Subscriber and session awareness also make it possible for you to analyze bandwidth utilization, identify potential issues and optimize your network resources and performances.

R&S®GSRM also facilitates subscriber-based manipulation of packets which speeds up packet analysis by an IP probe, eradicating redundancies, analysis conflicts and lengthy reconciliations within an analytical subsystem. With R&S®GSRM, operators can enhance their analytical capabilities
to meet any volume of traffic.

Subscriber-aware analytics enables:

  • Real-time, accurate traffic analytics in the mobile core
  • Fine-grained session performance analysis by subscribers, plan types and applications
  • SLA and QoS monitoring by subscribers
  • Network event/incident monitoring including congestion, bottlenecks, and cyberattacks
  • Real-time inputs for location-based services
  • Network intelligence for policy control, traffic management, security and service assurance functions
  • Predictive analytics for network planning and development
  • Predictive analytics for fine-grained network optimization policies
  • Timely analytics on:
    • Subscriber behavioral and mobility patterns
    • Data offloading patterns
    • Application and content usage trends
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R&S®GSRM capabilities and features for network analytics

  • High-performing and cost-effective subscriber resolution for LTE and 5G NSA networks
  • Multi-core architecture with linear scalability to satisfy high bandwidth demands
  • Configurable input buffer and filter
  • Session metadata including cell location and bearer IDs
  • Support of all standard network interfaces such as Gn, S1-U, S11 and S5
  • Easy-to-use REST APIs for seamless and fast integration
  • Efficient total cost of ownership (TCO) from predictable costs and flexible SLAs
  • Extension to 5G SA networks via R&S®5GSRM (to be launched soon)
RS Icon technical benefits

Benefits of cutting-edge OEM subscriber resolution software for data analytics tools

  • Can be implemented in any network environment including physical and virtual machines
  • Can be integrated into any end analytics solution without vendor lock-in
  • Operates on Intel architecture without any external dependencies
  • Boasts extensive field testing and active deployments
  • Cuts down on internal development and maintenance costs
  • Excellent support and service from industry experts

Enhance subscriber and session identification with application awareness

Ready integration with the renowned, high-performing DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 for real-time classification of applications and protocols. Harness solution synergies in terms of higher processing speeds and consistent traffic tagging from a common set of inspection methods, analyses and algorithms.

Rely on advanced OEM DPI and GTP correlation software by ipoque developed and optimized for your needs to bring your network traffic management solution to the next level.

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