DPI-powered application awareness for network probes

Boost your network probes with next-gen deep packet inspection by ipoque

Deliver high-quality, actionable traffic insights for IP probes

Managing complex networks with rapidly increasing traffic volumes and fulfilling speed and latency requirements across various applications necessitates real-time, deep visibility into the network infrastructure. Network probes play an important role in delivering network visibility by extracting real-time information logs from the underlying traffic flows and feeding these logs into various network functions and analytical engines.

Deep packet inspection powers your network probe solutions with a layer of intelligence that enriches the comprehensiveness, granularity, depth and quality of your network traffic analyses. Also, it enables rich insights into users, applications, performance and security. Aided by DPI’s advanced techniques including deep learning and machine learning, you can greatly augment your network monitoring capabilities and provide reliable, accurate and real-time insights that are truly reflective of the state of the network and the traffic it manages.

Boost your network monitoring capabilities with advanced DPI

By embedding the OEM DPI engines R&S®vPACE and R&S®PACE 2 by ipoque into your network probes, you can enrich your monitoring outputs with fine-grained, real-time information at the packet, flow and session level. The cutting-edge application classification techniques and metadata extraction by ipoque allow you to establish the speed, latency, jitter and packet loss of traffic flows alongside patterns of anomalies and irregularities. Traffic analysis by our OEM DPI software extends to domain-level monitoring covering operator data centers, cloud, edge and access networks as well as user endpoints. Deep packet inspection paves the way for end-to-end ubiquitous monitoring that extends vertically to network traffic that is encrypted, obfuscated or anonymized. For targeted monitoring and reporting of network events, real-time traffic identification by deep packet inspection enables both active and passive network probes to be customized to the needs of the underlying traffic and application profiles. Probing parameters such as logging frequency and the number of data points can be adjusted to network variables such as the slice type (e.g. mMTC or eMBB), the application type (e.g. smart manufacturing or 8K video streaming) and the prevalence of irregular or anomalous flows.

    A DPI-enabled network probe software with application visibility can:

    • Monitor network health 24/7
    • Proactively manage network performance and security
    • Support network functions (VNFs, CNFs and 5G UPFs) with customized traffic inputs
    • Enable autonomous networking
    • Enhance customer authentication, charging and billing functions
    • Support service assurance with continuous tracking of QoS/QoE
    • Speed up the diagnoses and resolution of network and customer issues
    • Equip security tools such as NGFW, IDS/IPS and DLP with deeper insights into malicious, suspicious and anomalous traffic
    • Improve network analytics with up-to-date, accurate records of network events
    • Improve the network’s predictive capabilities with comprehensive traffic log datasets
    • Enable targeted monitoring of applications and users
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    R&S®PACE 2 capabilities and features for network monitoring probes

    • High-performance DPI engine with a small memory footprint for higher traffic filtering efficiencies
    • Highest traffic classification accuracy in the industry
    • Weekly signature updates encompassing the latest applications and threats
    • Granular reporting at packet, flow, application, protocol and service level
    • Software form-factor supports network probes in physical/virtualized/cloud-native environments
    • Cloud-based library to support any number of probes
    • Specialized product versions to support packet frameworks such as VPP, driving higher performance in computing-intensive domains such as 5G Core and 5G MEC
    • Encrypted traffic visibility with advanced ML/DL capabilities
    • Flow Data Exporter plug-in for compatibility with monitoring environments based on IPFIX
    • Support for specific use cases via custom-defined protocols and applications
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    Benefits of advanced OEM DPI for network probes

    Adapt our ready-to-deploy DPI technology to your network monitoring needs. Reduce the costs and complexities of developing your own traffic inspection technologies. As network probe vendor, you benefit from the latest breakthroughs in DPI by leveraging our continuous research and development.

    Bring your network probe to the next level with ipoque OEM deep packet inspection software – developed and optimized to reliably meet your needs.

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