Solution guide - Next generation deep packet inspection software

Granular and reliable IP traffic visibility, even for encrypted or obfuscated traffic

Network equipment and software vendors need to find ways to make network traffic visible despite expanding technologies such as cloud computing, 5G, 6G and widespread encryption as well as frequent changes in protocols and applications. Next-generation DPI technology by ipoque provides granular insights into IP traffic by detecting protocols, applications and even application attributes and services (for example video, audio, chat or file transfers in a messaging client).

Metadata extraction reveals specific information on speed, latency, user locations, jitter, bandwidth consumption, type of devices, etc. With a wide range of traffic classification methods, including port-based matching, pattern matching, behavioral analysis and statistical/heuristic analysis, the ipoque DPI technology provides more than standard DPI and delivers modern networks with what they need most – intelligence.

Machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) capabilities enhance classification accuracy and enable encrypted traffic intelligence (ETI). Deployed as a software or purpose-built hardware, our DPI engines can perform large-scale traffic filtering, inline or out-of-bound, in any part of an IP network.

Download our solution guide to understand how to enhance your networking, telco or cybersecurity solution with powerful application awareness! Our next-generation DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 or the cloud-native vector packet processing (VPP) DPI engine R&S®vPACE boost your solution with market-leading DPI technology superior in performance, reliability and ease of use.

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