Whitepaper: Encrypted traffic visibility

Next-gen deep packet inspection, machine learning, deep learning and other methods to detect encrypted traffic

Whitepaper ipoque DPI - encrypted traffic intelligence (ETI)

Encryption is rapidly becoming synonymous with network security and privacy. Organizations are leveraging the potential of encryption to encode and conceal data over both public and private networks ensuring data privacy, confidentiality and security. Encryption, however, presents challenges in the form of diminished network visibility and control which can be disruptive to networks that are highly reliant on deep network insights into managing and securing their data and assets.

This whitepaper reviews encryption protocols, loss of traffic visibility and the associated adverse impact on network functionalities. It is aimed at discussing the relationship between encrypted traffic and deep packet inspection, which is one of the key technologies used in identifying traffic flows in IP networks. It shares the findings from our research report “Deep packet inspection and encrypted traffic visibility for IP networks”.

Why read this whitepaper

This publication illustrates how the combination of advanced technologies including ML and DL have given rise to next-generation DPI technologies. Understand how the incorporation of encypted traffic intelligence (ETI), including cutting-edge ML / DL techniques, circumvents the limitations associated with conventional deep packet inspection enabling encrypted traffic analysis. Discover how ETI-powered DPI reinstates network visibility and delivers reliable and accurate, real-time classification of protocols, applications and services not only for encrypted flows, but also for network traffic that is obfuscated and anonymized.

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