Solution brief R&S®vPACE

A VPP DPI engine to future 5G networks

ipoque solution brief VPP DPI engine vPACE

Vector packet processing (VPP) is an optimal framework to build a secure network-as-a-service (NaaS), cloud security, and traffic visibility solution, as it is designed to improve network speed, decrease latency, and process more packets per watt. Vectoring is one of the key paradigms in ipoque’s R&S®vPACE solution, an OEM DPI engine that allows network management and
cybersecurity companies to detect and classify applications and protocols in real time at high speeds. With R&S vPACE embedded into networking and cybersecurity solutions, decision-
makers are given all the information they need to scale, monitor, and secure a company’s network, which ultimately helps to stabilize enterprise networks and services.

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