Encrypted traffic intelligence for network traffic analysis

Flyer ipoque - DPI with encrypted traffic intelligence for network traffic analysis

Encryption greatly enhances the security and privacy of data. However, it introduces new challenges for network monitoring and security, as it gives networks only limited visibility into the underlying traffic flows. To reinstate IP network traffic visibility, ipoque has enhanced its deep packet inspection technology with encrypted traffic intelligence (ETI) to ensure accurate and highly reliable, real-time analysis of encrypted network traffic.

Our next-gen DPI engines R&S®PACE 2 and R&S®vPACE leverage machine learning and deep learning methodologies thus enabling visibility and analysis of encrypted traffic. Next-gen DPI featuring ETI enables you to mitigate the loss of traffic visibility that is common with traditional DPI methodologies.

By leveraging advanced ML and DL techniques and high-dimensional data analysis, ETI complements ipoque’s market-leading traffic classification methodologies to deliver granular visibility for encrypted protocols, applications and services. With over 1000 features, including statistical, time-series and packet-level features, ipoque‘s ML/DL capabilities boast the ability and the capacity to learn extremely complex patterns and DL automatically identifies the features to be used in such algorithms.

Download our brochure to understand how ML and DL techniques combined with the behavioral and statistical/heuristic analysis provided by our DPI technology deliver fine-grained traffic analysis not only into encrypted traffic but also into anonymized and obfuscated traffic.

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