CloudGen Firewall from Barracuda relies on DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 from ipoque

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Barracuda is an U.S.-based, internationally operating company that builds cloud-first, enterprise grade security solutions. It provides easy, comprehensive and affordable solutions for email protection, application and cloud security, network security and data protection.

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IT security vendor, providing networking, security and storage products based on network appliances and cloud services


Securing and controlling enterprise applications hosted in public clouds, guarantee for uninterrupted network availability and operational continuity

Embedding the DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 in the Barracuda CloudGen Firwall F Series to classify applications running on the network in real time


Granular over which applications are permitted, prioritized or deprioritized for access, maximum return on investment and reduced total cost of ownership by sourcing R&S®PACE 2

The need: application awareness and traffic visibility for securing today’s distributed enterprise networks

When Barracuda first engaged with ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, back in 2007, their enterprise customers were most concerned about the unauthorized use of Skype, other P2P applications and instant messaging. As times change, the need for application awareness and traffic visibility remains the same but the challenges have changed. Enterprise concerns have shifted to securing enterprise applications hosted in private and public clouds, protecting east-west data center traffic and preventing unwanted traffic, cyberthreats and malware on the corporate network. In the age of fast-evolving advanced threats and zero-day attacks, DPI is a critical and fundamental aspect of an effective network security strategy.1 In order to protect data, users and workloads in dispersed enterprise networks from modern cyberthreats and ensure up-to-date application security policies, Barracuda needed real-time network traffic visibility provided by a highly performant DPI engine.


Barracuda chooses DPI engine from ipoque for fast and reliable application classification

The next-gen DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 by ipoque provides powerful and extremely reliable detection and classification of thousands of applications and their attributes through combining DPI and behavioral traffic analysis, regardless of whether the protocols use advanced obfuscation, port hopping techniques or encryption. These DPI capabilities enhance Barracuda’s virtual and cloud-based F-Series firewalls to facilitate real-time policy and security management.

“We are committed to provide award-winning products and excellent support for our customers and partners. This is only possible if our technology partners can live up to the same high expectations and standards. Throughout our entire partnership, we have always felt very well looked after by ipoque, who have always been highly committed to provide a timely solution to any problem.”

-Dr. Klaus M. Gheri, VP & GM Network Security, Barracuda-

Enhanced security and availability through reliable application detection and classification

Embedded in their F-Series CloudGen Firewalls, R&S®PACE 2 enables Barracuda to identify protocols and applications in real-time while maintaining a high bandwidth, even if settings are being changed to reprioritize applications on the fly. This improves site-to-site connectivity and enables uninterrupted access to applications hosted in the cloud, all while simplifying the administration of network operations for enterprises and managed service providers (MSP). As a result, Barracuda’s virtual and cloud-based F-Series firewalls are enhanced to facilitate real-time policy and security management in order to protect today’s distributed enterprise networks of office sites, data centers and mobile workers. By licensing R&S®PACE 2, Barracuda was able to focus on their core product and on what makes them and their services unique within the market.

For all details on Barracuda’s solution and the benefits of integrating the DPI software library from ipoque, check out our case study.

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Customer interview Barracuda Networks

Bernhard Patsch, Senior Director of Engineering explains why Barracuda has been licensing
DPI from ipoque for more than ten years now.

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