Solution brief - R&S®GSRM for greater visibility in the mobile core

Using GTP correlation to power mobile network analytics with real-time subscriber and session awareness

Solution brief R&S GSRM - Empowering mobile network analytics with real-time subscriber and session awareness

Network analytics delivers the intelligence required to fuel network operations and decision-making, not only within the core, but also across all other nodes between the access network and the network gateways, where control and user flows are processed and delivered for onward transmission. A large number of network functionalities such as routing, network address translation and security screening hinge on network analytics to support dynamic traffic policies and to automate the management of networks.

Network analytics is supported by a number of tools, namely IP probes. A mobile core may feature multiple IP probes that operate as a subsystem. However, when two or more IP probes process packets simultaneously, packets from a single session or a single user are split into multiple flows and processed separately, leading to gaps in traffic visibility. Here is where our GTP Subscriber Resolving Module R&S®GSRM comes into play as it uses the correlation of GTP user plane (GTP-u) and GTP control plane (GTP-c) to identify each packet by the subscriber delivering subscriber and session awareness for the mobile core network. This awareness empowers IP probes to deliver deeper and more accurate insights on traffic flows navigating the mobile core for a number of important use cases such as

  • Monitoring subscribers
  • Monitoring network performance
  • Designing policies and rules for traffic management
  • Enabling application-specific traffic management
  • and more

For all details on how R&S®GSRM provides greater visibility in the mobile core and the different use cases that are enhanced by the real-time subscriber and session awareness, check out the solution brief.

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