Whitepaper: SD-WAN and DPI

A powerful combination for application-driven networking

Whitepaper: SD WAN and DPI - A powerful combination for application-driven networking

The SD-WAN market is growing fast, but so is competition. In order to stand out in such a competitive environment, SD-WAN vendors need to offer products with unique features and capabilities. Real-time application visibility powered by deep packet inspection (DPI) software can be the decisive element in achieving them.

With the help of DPI technology, SD-WAN vendors can deliver intelligent routing, traffic steering and enterprise application performance with advanced reporting capabilities.

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This whitepaper highlights the value of deep packet inspection as a key component in enabling application-driven SD-WAN analytics and security features. It explores SD-WAN market trends, challenges and opportunities. Gain insights into why DPI has become a crucial technology for SD-WAN solutions and discover how DPI handles encrypted traffic. Learn why vendors need to make the strategic choice between building in-house DPI libraries, relying on open source solutions or licensing a DPI engine such as R&S®PACE 2 from a specialist such as ipoque.

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