Case Study: SD-WAN application security through DPI intelligence

Enabling next-generation SD-WAN solutions with enhanced security through real-time DPI classification


Developers of SD-WANs today face multiple challenges. For example, they need to

  1. ensure that modern networks are fully enabled to manage company traffic policies to allow or block traffic
  2. manage obfuscated traffic flows as obfuscation is being deployed to hide potentially disruptive protocols or applications

These challenges require sophisticated traffic monitoring and deep packet inspection technology.

Find out in our case study why Nubewell — a leading Indian cybersecurity provider — relies on R&S®PACE 2, the industry-leading software library with deep packet inspection technology, behavioral, heuristical, and statistical analysis to detect network protocols and applications while extracting metadata in real time.

Nubewell’s SD-WAN solutions simplify WAN architecture to provide cloud application optimization and acceleration with traffic steering and shaping for large enterprises and even Work-from-Home (WFH) users. With the ability of the deep packet inspection software R&S®PACE 2 to identify and analyze traffic, Nubewell’s clients now benefit from high-speed DPI-based classification, combined with Nubewell’s HFA engine — the first in the industry to create real-time custom-defined signatures interactively using a custom GUI. ipoque's DPI software delivers a mature set of capabilities that helped Nubewell to develop solutions that enable firewall policies as well as provide complete visibility, classifying both protocols and applications in IP- traffic. With weekly signature updates available from ipoque, they can continue to handle these issues dynamically in the future.