Report: Digital experience monitoring in the era of cloud and SaaS and the need for DPI intelligence

The report is based on a survey of 22 leading digital experience monitoring (DEM) vendors. It focuses on the trends driving the shift to cloud and SaaS and on DEM as an emerging IT observability concept for today’s digital enterprises. It assesses the gaps in traditional IT monitoring and highlights the factors pushing the adoption of DEM.
In addition, the report evaluates the experience of DEM vendors in deploying DEM and lists key challenges and solution requirements. Furthermore, it points out the role of deep packet inspection (DPI) in providing real-time traffic intelligence for DEM and in supporting the rapid expansion of DEM networks to meet the growth in cloud and SaaS applications and the surge in enterprise’s remote workforce.

Evaluation criteria

  • Key factors influencing the adoption of DEM
  • Techniques used in DEM, namely STM and RUM
  • DEM metrics and corresponding data requirements
  • Role of DPI in DEM
  • Integration of DPI in today’s DEM tools

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