Saint Security embeds R&S®PACE 2

Customer product: Advanced malware response solution


“The content and metadata extraction functionality provided by the DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 allows us to extract fine-grained information from file content. This information helps us to better identify and investigate malicious activity, which in turn enhances our product’s quality. Our customers can now rely on a sophisticated security solution that detects even previously unknown or unseen threats.”

Kihong KIM

CEO at Saint Security

Background information

Saint Security’s network protection solution intercepts possible APTs at any point of a network. Their objective was to fingerprint malicious activity and unlock the full potential of their AI-based analysis methodologies. To that end, they embedded the DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 by ipoque, which offers a deep understanding of the observed network traffic.
Machine learning and AI are critical to network security, as cybercriminals incessantly develop new malware that can morph and look like harmless files. These threats can bypass legacy security approaches, gain hold within a network and make organizations vulnerable to data breaches. It is virtually impossible for antivirus engines to detect them. By embedding R&S®PACE 2, Saint Security gained full insight into IP network communication. Their product is now able to analyze all network traffic, services and protocols across all ports with extremely fine granularity.

Protocol and application classification with deep packet inspection (DPI)


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