DPI for SIEM and threat intelligence solutions


The future of data protection is under threat. With each passing minute, hackers around the globe are becoming smarter and designing new web threats. We are surrounded by devices that are always connected to the Internet and governed by it. Today’s malware designers are aware that SIEM solutions will instantly spot an unusual protocol. They know that, if protocols on a network normally are HTTP, the sudden appearance of a new protocol will put the smart system administrator on their guard. Thus, malware designers attempt to stay under the radar by hiding their network traffic behind protocols that are already common on the network they are attacking. Security equipment vendors need to be able to identify applications to distinguish between traffic. This is particularly important because of the enormous growth in IP network traffic. State-of-the-art security solutions have to be application-aware to fight against today’s threats.


Advanced DPI technology as used by the software library R&S®PACE 2 is the solution to these challenges, as it has the potential to look deeply into every data packet. Security without stringent inspection is a failed idea, and DPI is here to make its mark. To keep up with modern cyberattacks, it is mandatory for your SIEM to have full network traffic visibility in real time. Previously blind spots and vulnerabilities, which today make it easy for attackers to infiltrate and extract data for remote control of malware, can be uncovered. DPI technology is a must-have technology if you want to provide state-of-the-art security solutions to your customers.

Use case deep packet inspection - SIEM

Benefits of sourcing the OEM DPI software R&S®PACE 2:

  • Reinforce protection and be one step ahead of attackers
  • Uncover previously blind spots and unknown threats
  • Achieve faster and more accurate investigation results
  • Outsource complexity and save R&D costs
  • Get access to professional expertise and support tailored to your needs
  • Focus on your core technology and accelerate time to market