DPI for application performance monitoring


Application performance management (APM) solutions link certain business apps in enterprise networks, such as Office365 or CRMs, with TCP metrics and other KPIs. Additionally, enterprise customers require analytics on overall application usage linked to the internal network topography. As business applications are increasingly used on mobile devices, while at the same time private OTT services, such as Skype or Slack, are used for business, a growing number of employees is using their own devices in enterprise networks (a trend known as bring your own device or BYOD). Thus, APM must increasingly widen its focus to include mobile applications as regards up-to-date policy enforcement. To ensure the right priority handling, service type recognition is essential. With their focus on analytics and visualization, vendors of APM solutions often have to invest considerable resources into quickly converting raw traffic data into reliable aggregated information. In short, with the current ever-growing protocol complexity and data rates, maintaining application coverage in an own DPI engine takes much ongoing development effort.


R&S®PACE 2 is a powerful component for your APM solution to fulfill the requirements for application coverage, service type recognition and TCP metrics. You can benefit from many years of experience and leading-edge application and protocol classification technology provided by our DPI engine. Incorporating feedback and input from customers in more than 90 countries, R&S®PACE 2 covers the whole range of business, mobile and IoT applications and even distinguishes between service types, such as video, voice or chat. Weekly signature updates ensure that your classification library is always up-to-date. Additionally, content and metadata extraction provides granular TCP metrics to enable QoS/QoE measurements. Thus, by licensing our DPI software, you can focus on your high-end analytics and visualization.

Benefits of sourcing R&S®PACE 2:

  • Go beyond the simple network management protocol (SNMP) and
    flow-based traffic monitoring to detect performance issues
  • Ensure uninterrupted performance and availability of enterprise applications
  • Uncover user device and external connectivity issues
  • Outsource complexity and save R&D costs
  • Get access to professional expertise and support tailored to your needs
  • Focus on analytics and visualization to accelerate time to market


Enable advanced diagnoses and analytics based on detailed end-to-end visibility on application performance