Whitepaper: DPI for application performance monitoring

DPI-empowered real-time, end-to-end visibility for APM solutions

Whitepaper deep packet inspection (DPI) for Application performance monitoring (APM)

Enterprise applications cover the entire spectrum of mobile, desktop, and web applications accessed by employees and external users such as suppliers, agents, and customers. These applications typically support the business operations of an enterprise and are usually connected with one another. Business operations of an enterprise are highly dependent on uninterrupted access to these applications.

The crux of managing an application’s performance lies in an enterprise’s ability to understand their application architectures. This is especially true for distributed application architectures, where performance and security issues can reside anywhere from the end-user device to the bare metal used in any of the network nodes.

While APM is able to deliver metadata categories at a high level, enterprises are demanding new capabilities that require packet-level intelligence. DPI provides this intelligence, which enables APM to go beyond the usual simple network management protocol and flow-based traffic monitoring to detect performance issues. This is necessary for a converged, end-to-end view of enterprise application performance, which requires real-time analytics on, among others, enterprise network links and connectivity such as LAN and WAN, as well as on user devices and external connectivity.

With integrated DPI technology enterprises will be able to extend application monitoring from simple performance tracking to a whole array of advanced diagnoses and analytics.

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The paper uncovers the need for application awareness and detailed traffic analytics to enhance APM solutions.