Niagara Networks integrates R&S®GSRM for 4G/5G network visibility

Solution brief ipoque Intel GSRM

As mobile data traffic volumes are growing exponentially, mobile network operators (MNO) require an advanced set of visibility tools to streamline mobile network operations, perform mobile service optimizations, and increase network security posture. By implementing advanced network packet brokers (NPB), MNOs can easily and efficiently operate, administer and deliver mobile subscriber traffic to multiple cybersecurity and monitoring tools with service scale and flexibility while reducing operational expenses and downtime.

Niagara Network’s OVP is a network visibility system with a built-in deployment hub to make it easy to attach new virtualized security tools to the network. With its Packetron software, MNOs can increase packet performance and add additional utility computing functions. By adding ipoque’s R&S®GSRM software module for subscriber data correlation to the OVP, Niagara is able to add the GTP subscriber reconciliation features required for these networks.

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