Intelligent network traffic analytics
for communication service providers

Granular data for actionable business intelligence

R&S®INTRA is an end-to-end telco analytics solution for CSPs and MNOs that provides granular and multi-faceted visibility of the network. Featuring the technologically leading DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 and advanced real-time packet processing, R&S®INTRA offers high-quality real time information about network traffic, subscriber sessions and network metadata. Scalable and customizable in build, R&S®INTRA provides analytics tailored to individual demands. This includes statistics about protocol and application split, detailed mobile network usage data, communication quality KPIs and data rate analytics. This thorough understanding of the network allows CSPs to make informed decisions to increase business revenue and deliver optimal user QoE.

Be prepared to make informed decisions

As a trusted partner of CSPs, Rohde & Schwarz supports mobile and fixed network operators in the transition to new technologies and approaching the constant increase in data rates with a flexible traffic analytics solution. Its adaptability to different deployment situations and customer requirements make it easy to extract all the insights you need, even when dealing with highly specific implementations. R&S®INTRA excels in modularity and processing speed helping you to use data in a more agile way and accelerate time to action. Benefit from the custom analytics capabilities of R&S®INTRA to understand, shape and protect your network.

Intelligent traffic analytics in times of 5G

With an extended setup, R&S®INTRA provides efficient real-time monitoring and analytics for 5G traffic in networks adopting 5G non-standalone mode (5G NSA). This enables MNOs to detect 5G communication reliably and mark mobile sessions pertaining to 5G New Radio (NR) base stations. During the transition to 5G, visibility into network performance, usage, trends and KPIs are key for MNOs to make informed strategic decisions and drive the adoption of 5G in the most profitable way.

Features & benefits

Leading-edge technology for traffic input, traffic processing and reporting provides:

  • Fully virtualized solution
  • Efficient real-time monitoring and analytics
    for 5G traffic in 5G NSA networks
  • High scalability (several Tbps)
  • Fast connectivity (up to 100GbE)
  • Visibility of over 2800 applications and protocols
  • Easy-to-use drill-down reports
  • high statistics resolution with a configurable reporting rate down to 1 second
  • RAN analytics
  • Real-time subscriber resolving with user plane and data plane correlation
  • Customized data export for big data systems and 3rd party analytics solutions

Providing deep insights into network usage, application performance and subscriber experience, R&S®INTRA empowers CSPs to maximize their overall profitability in many areas:

  • Revenue generation
    Connecting R&S®INTRA to Big Data analytics systems creates new opportunities for CSPs to monetize additional services based on objective data from the network.
  • OpEx savings
    R&S INTRA features real-time monitoring of the core network, which reduces monitoring efforts at the edge and optimizes RAN network troubleshooting.
  • CapEx savings
    R&S®INTRA offers excellent modularity and scalability. It can easily be integrated with existing systems, fully virtualized, and scaled up whenever necessary.
  • Future-proof solution
    Multiple deployment scenarios of R&S®INTRA and the possibility to utilize open standards like Apache Kafka as a connector to any type of analytics solution make the whole system future-proof. R&S®INTRA makes it possible to decode control plane data, which allows new insights and facilitates further network optimization as well as network slicing.
  • Customer retention
    R&S®INTRA offers real-time traffic analysis, which ensures advanced and more efficient troubleshooting for improved quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS).

Find out more details about IP network analytics use cases.

R&S®INTRA enables CSPs to take steps towards a data-driven organization with a cross-departmental usage of data. Typical use cases comprise:

  • Network planning: capacity planning, traffic volume forecast, coverage analysis, etc.
  • Product marketing: customer segmentation, pricing plans, customer satisfaction, etc.
  • Strategic management: uncovering new trends, 5G and virtualized networks
  • Customer care: churn analytics, quality of experience (QoE), SLA verification, business customers analytics and troubleshooting
  • Operations: quality of service (QoS), troubleshooting, verification of new technologies
  • Controlling: OTT services, roaming, wholesale negotiations, CDN partnering decisions

Due to its modular build, R&S®INTRA allows CSPs to gain all the insights they need, even when dealing with highly specific implementations. As an end-to-end solution, it consists of the analytics platform R&S®Net Reporter+ and R&S®Net Sensor probes.

  • R&S®Net Sensor is a technically advanced, intelligent IP probe that allows CSPs to extract meaningful network traffic and subscriber behavior data in mobile and fixed networks. R&S®Net Sensor is powered by R&S®PACE 2.
  • R&S®PACE 2, the DPI engine by Rohde & Schwarz, offers highly reliable classification of protocols and applications. Additionally, it extracts metadata such as usage time, type of content, identification of different types of services, and many more. R&S®PACE 2 is deployed worldwide and known for its fast performance and efficient memory usage.
  • R&S®Net Reporter+ is an analytics platform that provides fine-grained information. It is able to associate data rates, application usage and network access attributes to individual subscribers. With deeper insights into network and application statistics, R&S®Net Reporter+ accelerates problem identification, improves QoS for subscribers and more.
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