Whitepaper: ipoque tests deep packet inspection for 5G networks

The Intel® Xeon® Scalable server improves 5G network performance

Whitepaper Intel ipoque performance test DPI 5G

Deep packet inspection (DPI) is a critical element of 4G/5G wireless networks. Its application awareness and flow prioritization provide proper service delivery and high quality of experience. R&S®PACE 2 can be embedded in software solutions to enable real-time network visibility, application awareness, and network analytics. Tests done by ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, show that moving from a 4G-era server to the latest Intel Xeon Scalable servers can provide significant performance benefits for 5G network deployments. In addition, properly configuring the NUMA implementation can avoid common performance declines.

Why download this whitepaper

In this whitepaper, ipoque presents the results of two performance tests: A head-to-head comparison between servers based on Intel Xeon E5 processors and Intel Xeon Scalable processors, and a live traffic scenario test of a NUMA-configured system. Find out how a properly optimized R&S®PACE 2, running on Intel® architecture-based servers, can help optimize the real-time DPI performance on 5G networks.

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