Real-time visibility at the network edge via vector packet processing-based DPI

Graphiant leverages cloud-native VPP DPI engine R&S®vPACE to deliver high-performance traffic filtering for enterprise connectivity

Connecting a rapidly growing network that is highly distributed requires a powerful network edge equipped with real-time application visibility. Graphiant partnered with ipoque to embed the VPP-based DPI engine R&S®vPACE in the Graphiant Network Edge. The DPI engine from ipoque merges statistical, behavioural and heuristic analysis with encrypted traffic intelligence. By incorporating R&S®vPACE into their enterprise connectivity solution, Graphiant is able to accurately classify network traffic by protocols, applications and services.

Network traffic insights from R&S®vPACE enhance Graphiant’s usage-based ‘as-a-service’ model for enterprise connectivity, enabling it to align its network design, policies and capacity according to client requirements.

Find out more details and benefits of this partnership in our Graphiant customer insights story our download our joint case study.

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