The DPDK Summit is a community event designed for software developers who contribute to or use DPDK. The agenda for DPDK Summit will cover the latest developments and the roadmap suggestions for future releases. This is a unique opportunity to meet the community for discussing the challenges and innovations of the ecosystem.

Live session: DPI-enhanced DPDK for 5G user plane

Join our Application Engineer Tobias in this live session to gain valuable insights into how DPI-enhanced DPDK empowers the User Plane in 5G networks. Discover how different DPDK features such as rte_flow, Receive Side Scaling (RSS) and offloading contribute to delivering a high-performing 5G experience. Furthermore, Tobias will discuss the importance of application-centric stateful test cases on open-source TRex for the simulation of today's 5G user equipment (5G-UE) behavior. This talk will highlight valuable feedback from the usage and deployment of DPI-enhanced DPDK in today's telecommunications environments.

Date: September 12, 2023
Location: Gibson Hotel Dublin + virtual
Time: 1:45 pm IST Irish Standard Time (GMT +1)

To join this session you need to register for the DPDK Summit 2023.

To discover more about our next-gen DPI technology or have an engaging discussion with Tobias on DPI-enhanced DPDK, feel free to schedule a meeting.

About the speaker: Tobias Roeder portrait

About the speaker: Tobias Roeder

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Senior Application Engineer at Rohde & Schwarz

Tobias holds a degree in electrical engineering and has more than ten years of experience in product development. For a number of years, Tobias has been working as an Application Engineer for deep packet inspection (DPI) software at ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company.

Tobias provides engineering services from the packet processing level up to the application level. In customer consulting, he identifies the optimal implementation to fulfill customer requirements and assists with the architectural decisions that go along with embedding DPI into network solutions.

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