Webinar: DPI performance measurements for 5G UPF setups

About this webinar

5G is ushering a rich set of opportunities to operators with new applications, services and enhancements. Distributed architectures with user plane functions (UPF) moving closer to the edge and supporting use cases with very low latency are an integral part of the 5G evolution. To make the best of UPFs in 5G, application awareness is key.

DPI (deep packet inspection) classifies thousands of applications and protocols in real time even in case of advanced obfuscation, port-hopping techniques or encryption. A DPI-powered traffic visibility solution for UPFs is capable of high throughput, low latency and accurate classification in real time. Whether used for policy enforcement, tiered pricing, web and video optimization or content filtering: DPI is a crucial technology to boost 5G UPFs.

In this technical webinar session, Tobias Roeder, Senior Application Engineer DPI, will showcase the deployment options of DPI in 5G UPF cores and provide hands-on information for designing real-life test setups using the advanced DPI engine R&S®PACE 2, open-source traffic generators and 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable-powered devices under test (DUT).

Additionally, we will identify and eliminate potential bottlenecks caused by non-uniform memory alignment (NUMA) misconfigurations and discuss how to fine-tune the configuration for data plane development kit (DPDK) and vector packet processing (VPP).

Presented by
Tobias Roeder, Senior Application Engineer DPI, at ipoque, Rohde & Schwarz company

In this session, attendees will learn how to

  • Transition DPI deployments from 4G PGW into 5G UPF
  • Design test setups using open-source traffic generators
  • Create application-centric traffic profiles in traffic generators
  • Identify the performance impact of NUMA awareness
  • Improve DPDK and VPP configurations

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