Orsec Technologies SAS embeds R&S®PACE 2

Customer product: AI-based threat detection solution

"The traffic metadata extracted by the DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 provides a rich information feed we can use to boost our machine learning for user and device behavior analytics and to obtain priceless intelligence for investigation following a cyber incident. The analytics capabilities of R&S®PACE 2 empower oorigin® to function as a security camera in the network to detect any suspicious traffic behavior indicative of a cyberthreat."

Jean-Luc Rouinvy
CTO and founder of Orsec Technologies SAS

Background information

Cyber-attacks have become constant and there is no day passing by without major data leaks or data destruction. oorigin® by Orsec Technologies is an AI-based advanced analytics solution that enables small and medium companies to incorporate cyber threat hunting into their security strategy and turn their defense into a proactive offense. The solution hunts cyberthreats to tackle them before they affect the network empowering IT administrators to proactively search for malware or attackers lurking in the network and so discover shadow IT.

To detect threats effectively, oorigin® needs to have an overview of everything that is happening in the network at all times. Furthermore, to make the most of its machine learning features, Orsec requires insight into traffic patterns, as well as a deep understanding of the detected data.

By incorporating R&S®PACE 2, Orsec takes advantage of a DPI solution that can analyze 100% of the traffic in real-time without performance loss. Through its weekly protocol and application signature updates R&S®PACE 2 empowers oorigin® to classify an extensive range of protocols and applications. With the provided metadata, devices, servers and virtual machines can be identified. This way, Orsec is able to offer a proactive, intelligence-driven security solution to prevent and disrupt threats.

Protocol and application classification with deep packet inspection (DPI)


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