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“We had evaluated open source alternatives as the core for our web application firewall; however they did not offer the performance and reliability required for our customers. The Rohde & Schwarz DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 gave us what we needed—from carrier-class performance and reliability to detection of applications, protocols and even encrypted applications to excellent developer documentation and sample code.”

Adam Murad

CTO at Indigo Software

Background information

In order to provide customers with a strong and reliable solution, Indigo Software was in need of a high-performance DPI engine that would enable its firewalls to analyze HTTP requests and responses to detect malicious behavior. Furthermore, they required a DPI technology that would not impact their throughput and receive regular application and protocol signature updates without needing extensive custom development and maintenance. With R&S®PACE 2, they found an easy-to-integrate DPI engine that operates in real time at a speed of multiple Gbps. R&S®PACE 2 also receives weekly protocol and application signature updates which ensures that Indigo Software firewalls can rely on up-to-date classifications when filtering traffic.
After Indigo Software integrated the DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 into its firewall, customer satisfaction increased greatly because they instantly saw significant improvements in application performance and availability as well as a reduction in lag time. Vulnerabilities in customers’ apps are now eliminated before threat actors can exploit them.

Protocol and application classification with deep packet inspection (DPI)


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