Better together: How the DPI software R&S®PACE 2 helps Celare to set themselves apart from the competition

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By Sebastian Müller
Published on: 11.11.2020

If I were to find a startup, I would probably do it in Israel. Israel’s thriving tech start-up scene is providing the backbone for the country's economy. The “Silicon Wadi”, a technology hub such as the “Silicon Valley” in the U.S., is one of the fastest-growing in the world. The company Celare, one of my customers from Israel, has grown in this exciting environment. Founded in May 2012, they evolved into a leading network security company with a broad cybersecurity portfolio for various markets.

To find out more about their success, and how they set themselves apart from the competition with our advanced DPI engine R&S®PACE 2, I talked to Sharon, my key contact from Celare. Here are his answers:

Sharon, can you tell us something about you and your job at Celare?

My name is Sharon Uziel, CTO at Celare. I am the executive product and technology leader at our company. With over 15 years of experience in the software industry, I specialize in big data analytics, cybersecurity and intelligence solutions. Among other tasks, I am responsible for product roadmaps, sales, marketing and channel relationships.

What is Celare’s business concept? What problems do you solve?

Celare provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for utilities and defense markets, governments, critical infrastructures and homeland security. We offer two main product lines:

  • T-Sense is a software-based network sensor to discover and classify network devices, applications, services and suspicious activities over the network
  • cGate is a network security platform for Ethernet encryption in high-speed and high-performance environments using independent, customer-created crypto algorithms

Celare products aim to provide advanced security solutions to classify custom business processes into a joined network flow, learn its behavior using sophisticated profiling methods and detect anomalies for complete security coverage.

Who are your customers and how do you meet their requirements?

Our customers are governments and defense sectors from all over the world. They utilize complex high-speed networks, which commercial off-the-shelf products cannot sufficiently monitor and analyze in terms of cybersecurity and deep analysis. Our network products are scalable and adaptable to any network topology, providing innovative technologies that let our customers design their own solutions based on Celare’s Secured Networking Platform.

What makes Celare products special?

We at Celare have developed a uniquely adaptive and secure networking platform that can protect from any suspicious activity in the network. The platform includes cutting-edge real-time technologies as well as big data analysis to learn the normal behavior of applications and protocols within the network and between parties. To secure any M2M communication, the platform supports complete reversing capabilities to let customers build and publish their own network decoders in order to identify and create profiles for custom applications that they need to monitor and analyze on-demand.

Why did you decide to license DPI software from Rohde & Schwarz and since when are you a customer of Rohde & Schwarz?

We have been a customer of Rohde & Schwarz ipoque since 2016. After a thorough market analysis, we decided that the R&S DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 meets our specifications in terms of supported protocols and applications as well as the required extension capabilities and ease of use to integrate it as a part of our secure networking platform.

What do you like most about Rohde & Schwarz?

From both technical and business perspectives, the teams we work with are all very professional.

Are you satisfied with the support and service of Rohde & Schwarz? Why?

Yes, we are very satisfied. We were looking for a team that could support us beyond the “standard” product requirements and the support team did not disappoint.

How often are you in contact with Rohde & Schwarz?

We were in regular contact with Rohde & Schwarz support team during the development phase.

Are your wishes, requirements or problems quickly addressed by Rohde & Schwarz?

In most cases, yes. Critical bugs in the R&S software are always resolved quickly and published in the next DPI software release. If it concerns a custom feature needed for our product then it often depends on the R&S roadmap and R&D prioritization and availability.

Can you recommend the product from Rohde & Schwarz, and if so, why?

Yes absolutely, based on our successful deployments, I can recommend the R&S DPI software.

What sets Rohde & Schwarz apart from its competitors in terms of customer service and support?

From my own experience, I found a responsive staff that I can work with and I am confident that I can count on them at any time.

Would like to know more about how Celare reveals cyber threats with the DPI engine R&S®PACE 2?
Read our case study "DPI enables complete network perimeter protection"

Celare relies on the R&S®PACE 2 service and support – download our service and support brochure.

Sebastian Müller portrait

Sebastian Müller

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