Managing networks and driving the digital transformation means providing granular visibility across all networks and applications, at all times and regardless of the network environment (virtual, cloud or physical). There is a challenging need to ensure constant network availability in times of faster networks, growing data volumes and users who use applications everywhere and at any time. IP probe vendors have to prove that their IP probes gain detailed visibility across more and more complex networks. Information needs to be delivered in real time and in the most effective way if they want to stay competitive in times of 5G and IoT.


With an advanced monitoring solution, your customers will get all information about IP traffic communication and always know who is doing what in their network. Highly performant IP probes can accomplish this task. To do so, they require a highly performant DPI engine that achieves the level of detail and speed of analysis needed to effectively monitor network traffic in real time. Embedding the DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 in your IP probes provides detailed real-time IP traffic classification and metadata extraction for granular traffic visibility and sophisticated application-awareness. A fast DPI-based IP probe improves the effectiveness of an entire network ecosystem and can help your customers to accelerate their business.

Use case deep packet inspection-ip-probes

Benefits of sourcing R&S®PACE 2:

  • Deliver the best real-time monitoring capabilities to your customers
  • Provide your customers with a stable and reliable network monitoring solution
  • Improve the effectiveness of your customers’ entire network ecosystem
  • Stay competitive and reduce the cost of ownership
  • Speed up the time to market for your new IP probe generation
Protocol and application classification with deep packet inspection (DPI)


Granular IP traffic visibility for your IP probe