R&S®PACE 2 - First packet classification

Caching and encrypted traffic intelligence

R&S®PACE 2 offers advanced caching techniques for first packet classification. This enables traffic policies to be meted out on the first packet itself, and implemented across all other ensuing packets for application-wide consistency. Network providers including SD-WAN and SASE vendors, who implement real-time traffic steering and policy enforcement, rely on first packet classification to ensure that routing decisions and traffic policies are applied across all the packets of a flow in real time.

However, as new encryption technologies such as TLS 1.3, DNS over HTTPS and ESNI proliferate, caching-based first packet classification used in DPI will become less effective in identifying the underlying applications and services in the future. To offer future-proof packet classification, Rohde & Schwarz developed advanced DPI methods, leveraging machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL), to ensure applications and services are effectively and accurately identified, even if traffic is encrypted.

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