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ipoque at GITEX technology week in Dubai

ipoque at GITEX 2020

DPI-empowered application awareness for reliable network visibility

By embedding R&S®PACE 2 into networking solutions, you can transform raw network data into meaningful insights and empower network functions and use cases such as 5G, SASE and application performance monitoring.

ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, will be participating virtually at GITEX 2020. We will be showcasing our deep packet inspection (DPI) engine R&S®PACE 2, which delivers comprehensive visibility of IP network traffic by analyzing and classifying thousands of applications and protocols, even if they use advanced obfuscation and encryption techniques. These granular insights into networks down to the application level and beyond, are necessary to manage the ever-increasing network traffic efficiently and ensure the best connectivity and highest security.

Talk to our DPI expert, John Hallett, at GITEX to learn more.

Meet us in person

Our colleagues from Rohde & Schwarz will be present in person at stand Z2-1, Zabeel Hall 2. You are invited to meet with our team of experts and discover how R&S can help your organization be ahead of 5G by driving innovation and creating value in the entire 5G network technology lifecycle.

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DPI engine R&S®PACE 2

The application classification and metadata extraction software R&S®PACE 2 is the best performing advanced deep packet inspection software on the market. When R&S®PACE 2 is embedded in networking and security products it adds real-time network traffic and application visibility up to layer 7. Our advanced deep packet inspection software classifies thousands of applications and protocols, provides content and metadata extraction and delivers metrics and heuristics from IP traffic, even when faced with advanced obfuscation and encryption techniques. R&S®PACE 2 enhances network monitoring, network analytics and network security solutions such as firewalls, routers, SD-WAN solutions, IoT gateways and is a critical enabler for a more secure, reliable and efficient network.

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DPI and 5G

DPI’s granular classification capabilities help network operators manage an array of new applications and services introduced by 5G. Application awareness and detailed traffic analytics are key for various network services to support 5G's features, such as network slicing and edge computing. Deep packet inspection technology empowers real-time traffic classification, feeding information into the network to support the implementation of these advanced features.

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Whitepaper Deep Packet Inspection - A crucial enabler for network awareness

Deep packet inspection

Deep packet inspection has been an essential component of information technology networks for well over two decades. Internet traffic volume and encrypted traffic rates have increased exponentially over the years. At the same time, DPI software has evolved into a powerful tool to meet new network challenges and plays a vital role in today's internet and network infrastructures. With expanding technologies such as cloud computing, 5G or the internet of things (IoT), DPI-enabled protocol and application awareness is becoming even more important for networks.

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Blog post

Unlock 5G speeds and low latencies with high-performance DPI for ultra-fast networks

One of the key decision factors in deploying deep packet inspection (DPI) and choosing a solution that best fits one’s network needs, is cost. This evaluation is particularly important in 5G, where traffic is expected to record phenomenal growth rates over the coming years. With 5G, a network-wide upgrade of the underlying computing capacity is inevitable. However, what often baffles operators, is figuring out the exact upgrade requirements needed to support new 5G traffic volumes and the lower latencies, and ensuring that those upgrades meet the overall 5G network performance needs. Our new blog post discusses how underlying server processing capabilities influence the speed and throughput of a DPI library, demonstrated by a series of tests conducted by ipoque in collaboration with Intel®.

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