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Whitepaper: DPI for application performance monitoring

DPI-empowered real-time, end-to-end visibility for APM solutions

When it comes to managing application performance, most enterprises today use application performance monitoring (APM) tools. By using deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, APM tools are able to go beyond the usual simple network management protocol (SNMP) and flow-based traffic monitoring to detect performance issues.Discover in this whitepaper why DPI is crucial for achieving an up-to-date overview of system traffic, determining root causes of performance issues, detecting inappropriate traffic and security risks, and reacting to network slowdowns before they impact end users.

Webinar: DPI - The key technology for application performance monitoring solutions

When it comes to managing application performance, most enterprises today use application performance monitoring (APM) tools. APM is a unified monitoring technique that uses analytics to provide visibility into the end-to-end performance of an enterprise application, measuring it against pre-determined performance, security and QoE targets.

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Article: How DPI Drives Monetization in the 5G Era

Nov 21, 2019 - In the era of 5G, DPI’s role in providing network intelligence through fine-grained analytics is expected to be a major driver for monetization. For mobile operators, monetization is essentially a function of how product innovations, pricing strategies, and service delivery meet the expectations of end-users. With 5G, product innovations, pricing, and delivery hinge on how well mobile operators leverage their new 5G architecture to deliver a wide range of disparate services (products) on a common network at the expected quality within the given resources. This article on explains the many ways how DPI’s metadata identification and classification capabilities drive monetization.


Article: Deep Packet Inspection - Getting the Most Out of 5G

Nov 11, 2019 - Mobile networks will be inundated with traffic. Everything from basic service functions to localized traffic management, session control, and policy enforcement will place an unprecedented load on network and service providers. This article on explains how DPI becomes increasingly important to the operative function of service providers and their networks.


Article: DPI - Key for Network Awareness in the Era of Intelligence

Oct 21, 2019 - The world is moving towards intelligent networks. Regardless of whether it is the core, the wireless, the data center, the LAN or the WAN, the need for networks to be well aware of the state of traffic they carry, and the nature of content that is being transported is becoming increasingly critical. This article on explains how DPI delivers networks of today what they need most - intelligence.

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Solution brief: Telco data analytics solution with Cardinality

For QOE and QOS enhancement

Rohde & Schwarz and Cardinality provide unique real-time network information for CSPs to not only investigate and resolve customer and service issues fast, but also to optimize the network for an outstanding user experience. By combining the IP probe R&S®Net Sensor OEM by Rohde & Schwarz with the Perception Platform by Cardinality, CSPs get a software-only solution generating deep insights into network traffic and subscriber behavior in real time.

Product brochure: R&S®Net Sensor OEM

Powerful software IP probe for next-generation analytics

R&S®Net Sensor OEM is a powerful software IP probe that provides data for advanced network analytics. Based on our DPI engine R&S®PACE 2, its high performance andscalability enable innovative solutions for the networks of the future.


PR: Rohde & Schwarz, Cardinality and Dell introduce joint telco data analytics solution

Leipzig, Germany, October 14, 2019 — ipoque GmbH, a Rohde & Schwarz company providing market-leading network analytics software, announced today a partnership with Cardinality and Dell. R&S®Net Sensor OEM, the new leading-edge software IP probe by Rohde & Schwarz, is integrated in Cardinality’s Perception platform, a big data analytics solution. With the solution running on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, customers have access to big data and traffic analytics based on the latest processing and IP probing technologies. R&S®Net Sensor OEM will make its debut at the Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles, where it will be showcased at the Rohde & Schwarz booth (#S-2024) in the South Hall from October 22 to 24.

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