Whitepaper: Real-time traffic visibility for ZTNA with next-gen DPI

Enhancing ZTNA's adaptive trust with advanced DPI for continuous application and threat awareness

ipoque Whitepaper: DPI for ZTNA

Zero trust network access (ZTNA) has become vital for enterprise security due to the rise of SaaS/cloud applications, remote work, and evolving cyber threats. This approach relies on continuous adaptive trust, utilizing real-time identity and context to authenticate and manage user sessions. Achieving this demands fine-grained data points from across the network, facilitated by advanced traffic filtering tools capable of processing infinite user sessions and handling application complexities, stricter encryption, obfuscation, and anonymization.

This whitepaper addresses visibility gaps and challenges faced by ZTNA vendors. It introduces next-gen deep packet inspection (DPI) technology for real-time traffic visibility, exemplified by ipoque’s cutting-edge DPI solutions. Explore how next-gen DPI combines advanced traffic detection techniques to reliably classify traffic by application, protocol, and service type, enhancing ZTNA’s dynamic access rules and security policies.

In this whitepaper, discover:

  • How next-gen DPI enhances zero-trust execution, enabling least privilege access (LPA) and microsegmentation
  • The role of DPI in detecting real-time anomalous, suspicious, and malicious traffic patterns, strengthening ZTNA security
  • The power of DPI-generated granular traffic logs in optimizing ZTNA performance and enabling AI-based automation
  • Real-world ZTNA use cases like secure service edge (SSE) and IIoT-based smart manufacturing, showcasing how DPI significantly amplifies their efficiency.