NAT plug-in to uncover mobile tethering fraud

Detecting network address translation (NAT) and the devices behind a NATing device


Detecting NAT and the devices behind a NATing device is difficult. Routers, wireless access points or smartphones with enabled tethering option map multiple devices to one publicly exposed IP address. With the NAT/ mobile tethering transparency plug-in, network solution manufacturers can now enhance their solution with cutting-edge IP traffic analytics. The easy-to-integrate software plug-in combined with our leading OEM DPI software R&S®PACE 2 detects NATing and devices behind the corresponding routing device, as well as the applications used, in order to uncover mobile tethering fraud.

This is not only important for the fraud control itself as fraudulent and abusive tethering consumption leads to negative network effects and degraded quality-of-experience for CSP’s customers. The NAT plug-in is an essential software tool for network solution manufacturers focusing on visibility for fixed and mobile carrier networks enabling communication service providers to prevent, detect and stop data abuse through "tethering". This way they are able to increase customer satisfaction while maximizing their own efficiency and profitability.

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