Keenetic Limited integrates DPI software from Rohde & Schwarz into Wi-Fi routers to boost wireless network performance

A technical collaboration between Rohde & Schwarz and Keenetic will improve QoE, QoS and strengthen network security for wireless home and business applications

Leipzig, Germany — May 5, 2021 — ipoque GmbH, a Rohde & Schwarz company and industry-leading manufacturer of OEM deep packet inspection (DPI) software, today announced that the Wi-Fi solutions provider Keenetic Limited has licensed their DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 to add granular IP traffic visibility to the company’s entire portfolio of wireless routers. R&S®PACE 2 provides detailed insights into network traffic with application and user-level visibility. This visibility is key for Keenetic to meet customer needs by improving device performance, end-user experience and enhancing network security measures.

Given an exponential increase in both network data and bandwidth demands, Keenetic requires reliable and powerful DPI software with low memory consumption in order to analyze and prioritize network traffic in real time. By embedding R&S®PACE 2 into the operating system of their wireless routers, Keenetic can create application policies for thousands of applications by identifying bandwidth-heavy apps and analyzing usage trends over time. This enables their customers to prioritize, block or throttle applications or application groups and to define policies by device, user type or globally across the network.

R&S®PACE 2 only requires 400 bytes per network flow and classifies thousands of applications and protocols across diverse operating systems, application versions and service types. It covers different regions, areas and verticals, even if the traffic is encrypted or obfuscated. Weekly signature updates on applications and protocols during runtime keep the library up to date, ensuring the highest classification accuracy at any time.

“We need to upgrade our Wi-Fi routers to better support the future requirements of our domestic and business user communities and to further grow our presence and reputation in the Wi-Fi market,” said Matt Donnelly, CSMO at Keenetic. “With the ever-growing number of applications and constant application updates, it is a necessity to always have up-to-date traffic classification technology in order to provide fast and secure wireless connectivity. We are convinced that Rohde & Schwarz, who are very well known across our industry for high quality and professionalism, are the most reliable OEM DPI partner to fulfill our requirements.”

With R&S®PACE 2, Keenetic's customers will be able to optimize the quality of the user experience when running multiple online activities. It can minimize the sensitivity to fluctuations in the bandwidth delivered by their internet service providers.

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