Rohde & Schwarz showcases next-gen DPI technology for visibility into encrypted traffic at MWC Barcelona 2024

Advanced machine learning and deep learning technology for telecom networks to ensure real-time application awareness for network security and connectivity, addressing traffic encryption and obfuscation challenges

Leipzig, Germany, February 13, 2024 — ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company and leading provider of next-gen deep packet inspection (DPI) software, will be demonstrating its revolutionary DPI and encrypted traffic intelligence (ETI) solutions at MWC Barcelona 2024. The event will take place from February 26 to 29, at Fira Gran Via.

The ETI technology by ipoque introduces a first-of-its-kind enhancement to traditional DPI, addressing the loss of traffic visibility from emerging encryption protocols. Leveraging machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) techniques, ETI’s granular and accurate application classification information massively reduces network blind spots and improves traffic observability and monitoring. Offered as part of the next-gen DPI software R&S®PACE 2 and R&S®vPACE by ipoque, ETI is expected to greatly enhance networking and cybersecurity solutions across telecom analytics, traffic management, policy control, service assurance and security.

Addressing telecom operators' visibility challenges: ETI as an innovation boost

Encrypted traffic intelligence addresses stringent techniques for encryption (e.g. TLS 1.3, ESNI, QUIC and ECH) as well as obfuscation and anonymization, all of which progressively erode the traffic information that was previously available to DPI. The ETI technology by ipoque leverages ML and DL algorithms, high-dimensional data analysis and advanced caching methods, and combines them with statistical, behavioral and heuristic analysis. These methodologies are complemented with a signature library that is updated weekly.

Application-aware traffic management in the era of encryption and obfuscation

Real-time detection of protocols, applications and services, even when traffic is encrypted or obfuscated, allows traffic visibility, which enables traffic policies for network security and network/subscriber quality. “Application awareness from our ETI technology helps telecom operators shape their networks dynamically. This can be observed in 5G network slicing, where URLLC-type applications are continuously monitored for SLA compliance, and in QoE management, where bandwidth-intensive applications such as OTT video streaming are routed separately,” said Dr. Martin Mieth, VP Engineering at ipoque. For example, ETI’s ability to distinguish OTT video traffic between on-demand streaming and downloading, enables operators to switch routes and forward traffic for compression and caching.

With telecom operators heading towards automation, DPI insights by ipoque can further optimize networks and improve resource allocation. ETI also pushes for greater innovation via enhanced charging and billing, allowing operators to offer new content plans and flexible pricing. It also allows a stronger grip on telecom security with real-time threat intelligence. “With our ETI technology, telecom operators can greatly speed up the diagnosis of security events and automate threat responses, minimizing service disruption and ensuring a superior customer experience,” added Dr. Mieth.

Optimized for cloud computing

The strides taken by ipoque into the DPI space have accelerated in recent years. Its latest DPI engine, R&S®vPACE, is VPP-based and cloud-optimized, and is tailored to cater for CNFs and VNFs, such as 5G UPFs. Add-on features, such as first packet classification, tethering detection and the flow data exporter plug-in, enable a high level of adaptability across different use cases. Additionally, the OEM DPI solutions by ipoque can be easily integrated and come with flexible SLAs and lower development costs.

ipoque will be demonstrating its solutions in hall 5 at stand 5A80. Visitors to MWC 2024 are invited to join the showcase and see the next-gen DPI and encrypted traffic intelligence demo in action.

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